Endless Deyy Face Reveal: Everything To Know About Him

Endless Deyy Face Reveal, Age Real Name And Net Worth

Has Endless Deyy done a face reveal? Fans worldwide are eager to know how the professional Fortnite player looks.

So who is Endless Dey?

Endless Deyy is a professional Fortnite player who previously played Destiny. Besides, he is a Trio FNCS and Duo Dreamhack Winner. Deyy currently plays for the team Endless.

Before, he played for ThePureHQ and Team New Age.

Endless Deyy Face Reveal: Do People Know How He Looks?

Endless Deyy has not done a face reveal yet.

He has kept his face a secret for the entirety of his career. Deyy has not hinted towards revealing how he looks anytime soon.

He uses Danny Phantom as his profile picture on most of his social media accounts.

Endless Deyy Real Name And Age Revealed

Endless Deyy’s real name is Dejsean Hew, according to GAMEPEDIA.

He is of American nationality and currently based in NAE.

The pro player has accomplished great feats at a very young age.

As of 2021, Endless Deyy’s age is 15 years.

How Much Is His Net Worth?

Deyy’s exact net worth is currently unknown. 

The segment is to be updated after necessary information is available.

According to Deyy’s Twitter bio, he has earned more than US$ 100k from playing in various e-sports tournaments.

The Fortnite Player On Social Media: Instagram, Twitter, And Much More

Endless Deyy is fairly active on various social media platforms.

Deyy can be found on Instagram under the username @fndeyy. He currently has 21.8k followers on the platform.

On Instagram, he mainly shares videos of his gameplays and his player stats.

Likewise, his Twitter handle is @DeyyFN. He has a massive following of 112.3k on Twitter.

He was heavily criticized on Twitter after he fell asleep before the first match of the EpikWhale Cup. However, he owned up to the situation and apologized. You can read his full apology here.

Endless Deyy has over 112k subscribers on his YouTube channel called Deyy.

Similarly, he has 211k followers on his Twitch channel called deyyszn.