Who Is Emzia Twitch? Age And 10 Facts To Know

“Emzia” is just a name that she has given herself in the world of gaming. But her actual real name is Emilie Helgesen originally from Norway where she operates her work as content created and she is also an influencer in the game streaming. Emzia is a famous Twitch star. In addition, Emilie begins streaming in the summer of 2015 but from the year 2018 April, she made that her full-time career in the gaming industry.

She currently resides in Oslo, Norway. Emzia is so creative person who keeps herself engage in some useful kind of stuff. She is also a social star, as she started her career in gaming simultaneously started making some money for herself. She mostly streams Battle Royale genre games, but sometimes also plays adventures. Learn more about Emzia, Emilie Helgesen,



Name Emzia
Gender Female
Nationality Norwegian
Profession Twitch Star
Education Bachelors degree in Communications
Instagram emziatv
Twitter @Emzia
Youtube Emzia
Facebook Emzia Twitch

10 Facts about Emzia:

  1. As usual, she keeps on streaming in Twitch with her official Twitch TV. She is there with the name Emzia including her 86.8k followers to date.
  2. Emzia can be explored on Instagram by ‘emziatv‘ containing 26.6k followers as her audience.
  3. As all the gamer keeps their personal information far from the limelight, Emzia also has not talked about her boyfriend.
  4. Well, to tell you the truth Emzia full real name is Emilie Helgesen
  5. She was a little kid when she started playing video games and fully getting into them.
  6. Emzia is there on youtube where she often streams her game with her 2.05k of subscribers.
  7. Back to her age, Emzia has not disclosed till today.
  8. Precise information about net worth is not confirmed and outsourced for the year 2021.
  9. Unfortunately, Emzia’s age is unknown. Lots of her personal details are still far from all these social sites.
  10. Her biography can be viewed on Twitch Streaming but there is no data about her current age.