Emumita Bonita: Facts To Know About Nickmercs Wife

Emumita Bonita Bio and Instagram: Nickmercs Wife and Wedding

Emumita Bonita is Nickmercs wife, you might be wondering who is Nickmercs. He is a brilliant twitch streamer from America.

Emumita is a celebrity spouse, she is married to the legendary Youtuber Nick Kolcheff, also known as Nickmercs. 

Before getting married Emumita was in a kind of long-distance relationship with Nick. Nick earlier has not informed about his relation but after his wedding, it is known to all. So, It’s been years that she is acknowledged on all the media platforms.

Emumita Bonita Bio: Meet her On Instagram

Emumita Bonita bio is still not presented by any media source except the hive news. Her brief details can be found right there. 

Emumita Bonita Instagram is not available to search over the web, however, Nick Kolcheff is thereby @nickmercs along with his 2.4m followers to date.

On Nick’s official handle, Emumita’s pictures can be observed with millions of loves react. 

Emumita Bonita: Nickmercs Wife

Nickmercs wife, Emumita Bonita was born in the year 1991, and always celebrates her birthday every November 26.

Back to her age, She is 29 years old as of 2021. More about Nick, he previously won the 10th award as he endures the position under the category of the best live streamer for the year 2020.

Name Emumita Bonita
Birthday November 26
Age 29
Gender Female
Nationality American
Married/Single Married
Husband Nick Kolcheff

Bonita and Nickmercs Wedding

After Emumita Bonita and Nickmercs’s wedding, the couple officially revealed their relationship status to all the media. 

Moreover, Nick was all hustling for the day just to thanked all his streamer friends and millions of his fans for the response to congratulations. As He made the post on Twitter and Instagram. (Source: @hivenews)

Some facts about Emumita Bonita, Nickmercs wife

  1. Nickmercs is the most emerging game streamer for this generation. Numerous people also exerted Nick as their inspiration. Emumita is really lucky that she got Nick as her partner.
  2. Usually, the couple pictures collection is observable over the web and social sites.