Emir Bahadir Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Gay: Facts on His Height, Nationality and More

Emir Bahadir is an Entrepreneur, Instagram Celebrity and Television Personality. He is the co-founder of the real estate firm RLTY NYC and an heir to the Turkish real-estate Empire.

Emir Bahadir Age

Emir Bahadir was born on August 15, 1991, in Istanbul, Turkey. He is 27 years of age. He is the 5th generation real-estate developer.

His family is notoriously secret. However, it has come to light that he has one brother along with his parents. Emir is very close to his parents and visits them often.

He went to one of the most expensive private-schools of the world named TASIS in Lugano, Switzerland.

He then came to New-York and attended The New York University and double-majored in Business and Technology.

Emir Bahadir Nationality

Emir Bahadir is what they call international children. He was born in Turkey (Istanbul), raised in Switzerland, currently lives and works in New York and parties all around the world.

Ever since he was a little boy he used to fly over international waters regularly.

However, it is reported that he currently holds a Turkish passport and thus he is a Turkish national.

Emir Bahadir Wiki, Height

Emir doesn’t have his own Wikipedia page. However, he is one of the most influencing multi-millionaire of 20 something years. As a result, there is considerable fan following around him people want to know about his life.

Furthermore, even though Emir is open to his fans on Instagram and partakes in interviews, facts on his height haven’t come out.

Emir Bahadir Girlfriend, Gay

Emir Bahadir often referred to as “Turkish Royalty” and “Turkish Playboy” has dated many models and supermodels over the years.

However, he posted pictures with actress Lindsay Lohan at a pool party prompting rumors of them being together. However, no reports have further validated the claim.

Furthermore, No, Emir is not gay. He is as straight as they come.

Emir Bahadir Net Worth

Emir Bahadir is a very successful businessman. Considering he is just 27 years old now, obviously, he has more money-making days in front of him. He featured in the show called Rich Kids of Instagram showing off his rich lifestyle.

Emir Bahadir is rich, like proper rich but there aren’t any reports which mention the amount of his net worth explicitly.

Emir Bahadir Career, Lifestyle

During his stay at New York University, he accumulated a lot of knowledge about the town and its culture regarding real-estate development. He then successfully started a company, as a daughter of the mother company BHDR which his family owns back in Turkey.

He has also divested his business from real-estate development to brokerage firms, fashion entertainment, and traveling. All thanks to Richard Branson, who also famously divested from his core business, which Emir looks up to do himself one day.

Additionally, Emir is very big on social media. He has around 1.8 million worldwide followers. Furthermore, he keeps his followers happy by posting the pictures from his travel all over the world.

He has a very peculiar taste in food and clothing that his fans can’t get enough of. His lifestyle, his yachts, private jets and all that follows around him is too good to miss. No wonder he has that many followers.

Moreover, he also uses a mobile phone app Rich Kids. This app allows you to view everybody but to post, you have to pay £12,000 per year. This means only true rich people can afford to post and makes a clear distinction between rich and not-so-rich.