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A widely celebrated name in the field of musical industry, ”Eminem”, is a 41 years old eminent American rapper, record producer, songwriter as well as a successful actor. He was born on 17th October, 1972 in a beautiful St. Joseph city of Missouri, United States as the only child of Marshall Bruce Mathers, Jr. (b. 1951) & his beloved wife Deborah R. ‘Debbie’ Nelson (b. 1955). His full birth is said to be Marshall Bruce Mathers III. He & mother were abandoned by his dad during his early babyhood; hence the two of them passed their days shuttling between Michigan & Missouri, rarely staying in a particular house for over a single year or 2 & mostly stayed with family units. Eminem belongs to manifolds descents including Scottish, English, Swiss & German. He has a sister named Nathan Kane ‘Nate Kane’ Samara from his mother’s second marriage & 2 siblings, Sarah & Michael through his dad’s remarriage.


To date, Eminem has tied knot for the total of 2 times but with the same lady, Kimberly Anne ‘Kim’ Scott, the one & only sweetheart of his life. Kim & Eminem met each other for the first time at their 13 & 15 respectively. His on & off relationship with Kim was continued since the year 1989. On 25th December, 1995 they welcomed their first child, a daughter named Hailie. Following the child birth they got married in the year 1999 & got divorce after 2 years, i.e. in the year 2001. The duo hitched up for the second time in January of 2006. Though, Eminem shortly gave a full stop to his marriage relationship with his wife Kim in April 2006 via divorce filing. Both of them agreed to carve up the custody of their only daughter Hailie. Nonetheless, Eminem’s biography in the wiki page doesn’t includes additionl names of the ladies, he had even been rumored with some hot beauties including Tara Reid, Britney Spears, Brittany Andrews (1999), Mariah Carey (2001- 2001), Brittany Murphy (2002), Gina Lynn (2003), Marni Bright (2007) & Tracy McNew (2008).


Switching to the numbers of school every 2 to 4 months led Eminem towards the hard path of graduation completion. He as well was unable to make friends & even to stay away from his household problem. However he formally collected his education attending the Lincoln High School, located in Warren, Michigan, but soon dropped out his high schooling at the age of 17. In a short period he introduced himself as “M & M”, his new cover-up name which was later changed as “Eminem”. Eminem began rapping since his 4 & with the growing age he as well became more serious towards the rapping. In 1996, this budding artist came out with his debut record “Infinite” which helped him establish himself firmly in the musical field. Rising into global fame with his 1999 released second collection “Shady LP”, Eminem, accordingly aired his other studio albums, counting “The Marshall Mathers LP” (2000), “The Eminem Show” (2002), “Relapse” (2009) & the latest one “Recovery” (2010). Throughout his triumphant career in music, this prominent rapper has sold more than 115 million singles & albums globally introducing himself as one amongst the “Best selling musical artists of all time”. This unbeaten rapper today has grossed the approximate net worth of 160 million US dollar all through his thriving career in the entertainment industry.


Standing in an average height of 5 feet & 8, this blond artist apart from professional career is as well gripped in different kinds of humanitarian deeds. Along with his varieties of hobbies like acting, writing, art & watching movies, Eminem also loves helping the needy people & supporting different nonprofit organizations & foundations including his own Marshall Mathers Foundation, as well as Eight Mile Boulevard Association, Small Steps Project & Alike other personas Eminem is also interested in playing both the football as well as basketball & even loves to listen music & prefers loitering with his mates. Making his acting passion as professional Eminem has as well starred in several movies such as Funny People (2009), 8 Miles (2008), The Wash (2001), & the 2010 television sitcom ‘Entourage’.


Garnering a worldwide popularity & bagging numerous of prestigious awards & accolades, Eminem has now become one of the living legend of the rap. Accomplishing the long path of struggle to the successive peak, Eminem is celebrated as the influential idol to the budding musical devotees & is even distinguished as one of the most decorated musical artist. Moreover, this victorious artist has established different ventures, as the “Shady Records”, Eminem’s independent recording label, together with his 2 different radio channels, “Shade 45” & “Sirus XM Radio”.