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While comedy has historically been a male-dominated platform, the comedienne is also receiving the most media exposure lately.

Among such talent is Emily Axford, who has been making us laugh for years as a stand-up comedian. While comedy is the primary way Emily venture on the show business, but it’s not the only one.

She is also an actress, popular for her roles on ‘Adam Ruins Everything’. In recent years, Emily is well-received for her part on Pop TV’s original ‘Hot Date’ with her husband, Brian K. Murphy.

She and husband Brian also co-wrote the book ‘HEY, U UP?’ and published in 2018. With her career spanning nearly a decade in the modern comedy industry, she is not slowing down anytime soon.

Up ahead, let’s know the facts on Emily Axford’s net worth, her other roles as well as married life.

Emily Axford Age – 34 Years Old

‘There is nothing sexier than a sense of humor’ they say! But, when you that humor comes from a fine-looking woman is just iconic.

Born in 1984, Emily Axford, age 34, is the deadly combination of ‘beauty with brain and humor’. Celebrating her birthday each year on July 26, she looks young and fresh despite her real age and hectic schedule.

It seems like yesterday, but it’s already been ten years since Brian K. Murphy’s wife debuted in the comedy scene. And, she turns 35 this year on 26th July! But doesn’t she look incredible for her age?

Actress Emily Axford Wiki and Bio


Emily Axford was raised in the suburbs of Albany, New York. She is a 2007 graduate of the George Washington University, where she studied religion.

While at the university, she joined the co-ed improv troupe called ‘ReceSs’. She has also attended Upright Citizen Brigade in New York City and later in Los Angeles.

She started out acting in 2009 and since hasn’t looked back. Emily has been a regular contributor for ‘CollegeHumor’ since 2011, says her bio at Wiki.

She is a writer in addition to playing numerous characters on CollegeHumor web service called ‘Dropout’. She also hosts and co-stars on her ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ podcast.

Is Emily Axford Married? Who is Emily Axford’s Husband?

Emily Axford is blissfully married. But she willingly put herself back into those stressful days of dating, just to make others laugh.

We are talking about the one character ‘EM’ which she portrays on POP TV’s ‘Hot Date’. She also serves as a writer, star and executive producer for the show along with her husband, Brian K. Murphy.

Mr. Murphy and Mrs. Axford keeps the details of their marriage private and lives the ultra-secluded lifestyle. But, they have collaborated with each other frequently in television, podcasts or shows.

Her husband, Brian K. Murphy is an actor, producer, and writer of American nationality. He is notable for various roles on ‘CollegeHumor’ and ‘Adam Ruins Everything’.

What is Emily Axford’s Net Worth?

We know Emily Axford is amongst the sough-after comedienne, who draws whopping cash from her career.

However, we don’t exactly know how much Emily earns annually or for each comedic gig.

Given that, we also can’t report on the actual figure of her Emily Axford’s net worth for now.

It is a solid guess that Emily’s net worth sits at around 6-figure.