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A celebrated British musical artist of all time, Sir Elton Hercules John born as Reginald Kenneth Dwight, the only son of this mother Sheila Eileen Dwight (nee Harris) & the eldest kid of his father, Stanley. He was grown up in his maternal granny’s council house in Pinner, Middlesex. Elton’s parents didn’t get married until he reached 6, while the family shifted to a close by semi- detached house.


During the ending of 1960s, Elton John was about to marry his first girlfriend, Linda Woodrow, his secretary, but their relationship ended shortly after their engagement. On 14th February, 1984, he tied knot with Renate Blauel, a German soundtrack engineer, with conjecture that wedding was a cover-up pro his homosexuality. In the Rolling Stone 1976’s interview Elton emerged as a bisexual, but following his divorce with his wife, Renate in 1988, John stated to the magazine about his comfort of being gay. In 1993, he started his relationship with an ex-advertising executive, David Furnish, who is now a filmmaker. On 21st December, 2005, in UK, Elton & David were among the very first couples to form a civil partnership, held at the Windsor Guildhall. On 25th December, 2010, the couple became a parent to their first child, a son named Zachary Jackson Levon, who was born through surrogacy in California & so was their second son born, Elijah Joseph Daniel (11th January, 2013). Elton is intensely involved with several AIDS charities, providing a lot of his gigs profits to such cause. In 1992, he even established his own charitable trust, the ‘Elton John AIDS Foundation’, which offered finances program for the prevention of AIDS & affords populace living with this disease, social & health services. His noteworthy philanthropy includes his generous contribution of raising about $220 million for the sustain of HIV/AIDS preventions.


One of the highly successful musicians, Elton John’s total estimated net worth is said to $ 320 million, which he has acquired all through his famed musical career. Until John was 17; he earned his education from the Pinner Wood Junior School prior to Reddiford School & Pinner Country Grammar School. Later he attended the A Level test in order to pursue a music career. Both of Elton’s parents were inclined towards the music, as its result, Elton since his 3 started playing the piano. When he was in his 7, he took formal musical lessons & earned a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Music, London, at 11. In 1996, John with some of his friends formed a band ‘Bluesology’, & started his long-standing partnership with Bernie Taupin, a songwriter. In 1969 & 1970, he released 2 of his foremost collections ‘Empty Sky & Elton John’ & saw 7 successive albums hit the charts in between the year 1972 & 1975. Collecting successes all through the 1980s, in 1992, John & Bernie signed a 12 year contract of $39 million with renowned Warner Bros. His music composition for the 1994’s Disney animated film ‘The Lion King’ won a Grammy Award’s Best Song title & was certified 1999 ‘diamond’ for selling a total 15 million copies. Responding to Princess Diana of Wales’s death, in 1997, he recorded the solo ‘Candle in the Wind 1997’, which resulted as the top selling single setting a music history record & for which he also earned his single Grammy for the ‘Best Male Pop Recording’. Elton then, continued to musical tour, writing for the stages & release best selling collections.


Having a passion & interest of photography, John has a large compilation of photographs which he started gathering since his 21. He as well enjoys sorting his new acquirements in a book & filling them properly in an alphabetical order. Amongst Sir Elton’s hobbies, the foremost is that he collects every little to huge things that may be either a simple pen or an expensive car. In the year 1988, during a 4 day celebrity feeding fury, Sotheby’s sold John’s collections of art, antiques, kitsch, art nouveau & costumes for £14.8 million. At the time he was selling 20 & keeping 8. Nevertheless, when his final grand sell- off was publicized on 1988, this superstar was purchasing things over within no time. He as well includes, gardening & football in his hobby’s list.  He is one of such idol who always keeps himself up to date with the fashion trends & accessories. Among his several fashion wares, John is high recognized for his compilation of thousands of branded sun glasses. Additional, talking about this icon’s plastic surgery, he has revealed about his hair transplantation, which he had done in his early days due to untimely hair loss. This fashion follower is as well a very fun loving person who loves spending his free time travelling to different beautiful & exotic places. He along with his partner, Renate enjoys his maximum vacation holidaying on his all time favorite French Riviera.


Famous for his records, “Madam across the Water”, “I’m only the Piano Player” & “Don’t Shoot Me”, Elton John is an illustrious legend who is highly celebrated for his musical contribution. On 24th February, 1988, he was entitled by Queen Elizabeth II, for his superior deeds. He, at present plays utmost nights at Casesaras Palace’s Colosseum in Las Vegas. All over his life, this music star has clashed addictions to cocaine & Alcohol.