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Elijah Daniel Net Worth ($200,00): As per, Elijah Daniels makes a huge net worth of $200,000 US dollars.

Additionally, from his career as a famous rapper and YouTuber, Elijah earns a salary of $90,000 per year. His net worth defines his success in his career for sure.

Elijah Daniel Gay (Boyfriend – Sam aka Dr. Woke)

Is the comedian cum rapper a gay? The answer is yes. Elijah never hides his sexuality in the show business. In fact, Elijah proudly reveals that he is gay. And, I feel he is brave enough to reveal his sexuality.

Talking about Elijah Daniel’s boyfriend, Elijah is dating Sam Fishman aka Dr. Woke. 28 years old Sam F. is a producer, DJ, songwriter by profession. As a matter of fact, Dr. Woke is well-known for producing ‘When Will The Bass Drop’.

Likewise Sam F’s song ‘Limitless’ hit the billboard with top 10 rankings in 2017.

Elijah and Daniel first met on Grindr and they are together for a long time. Elijah recently proposed his guy at the beach of Mexico. The YouTube video of his proposal is available here.

Now, Sam F. is the fiancé of Elijah. In addition, the duo got engaged in January 2019 on Mexico’s Beach. The engagement was quite romantic. And, no doubt it’s hitting the internet since January.

Elijah Daniel’s Height ( 6 feet 1 inch)


The handsome lad stands tall with a decent height. Elijah Daniel’s height in numbers is 6 feet and 1 inch (1.85 m).

Likewise, Elijah weighs 78 kg. Also, he has an adorable physique that he flaunts in his videos too.

Elijah Daniel- Facts on Michigan Rapper

Here are some interesting facts which you would love to know about this Michigan Rapper. Check this out.

  • Elijah renamed Hell, Michigan to Gay Hell, Michigan: It’s the pride month and Elijah purchased the town plus renamed it as Gay Hell town. He also tweeted with the caption ‘As acting mayor of Hell, Michigan I hereby ban all heterosexuals from entering our town.’It was back in 2017. Again in 2019, June, his act as mayor of hell is able to catch a lot of eyes. Elijah’s motive this year is to allow pride flags after Trump administration banned it back in 2017.

  • Elijah Daniel’s nickname is Lil Phag: Born on January 9, 1994, Elijah raps with the name Lil Phag since 2017. He is currently 25 years old.  Though he is now widely known as rapper Lil Phag, previously he found fame for his comedic videos on social media and satire.
  • Elijah wrote a book titled ‘The Holy Bible…But Gayer’: He wrote this new version of the Bible in which Rihanna is God and Donald Trump is a Satan. Elijah wrote his satirical book in 2017. Amazon, however, banned this book on their website. But, Elijah managed to sell it on other websites.
  • Elijah produces mainly LGBTQ music: His popular LGBTQ hits are ‘Elton John’, ‘Rick and Morty’, and ‘Cloud 9’.
  • Elijah Daniel’s father is a pastor but doesn’t have any problem with his sexuality.

To know more about Elijah’s career and achievements, go through his wiki page.