Elijah Allan-Blitz Dating, New Romance, Brie Larson New Boyfriend Net Worth

Elijah Allan-Blitz Dating, New Romance, Brie Larson

What’s new in the MCU? Maybe Captain Marvel’s new romance is something that is supposed to catch the eyes of Marvel fans.

In recent news, the pictures of Brie Larson kissing Elijah Allan-Blitz were the centre of focus. That’s something people are always searching. Something juicy that can fill their tasteless moments with sweetness. And the romance between Larson and Elijah seems to be serving that purpose.

While the two are busy in their new relationship that is currently growing, the fans have started to make several speculations and theories. After all, you know how Marvel fans like to create theories about everything.

Who is Elijah Allan-Blitz? His Age, Net Worth, and Wikipedia

Don’t you think you need to know something first about Elijah while we are talking about his romance? However, this is for those who don’t know him already. And we will be very quick on it.

Just the intro part here. Elijah is an American Actor, director and social media personality from Santa Barbara, California. Born in the year 1987, he is currently 32 years old.

Well, it doesn’t seem like he’s got a very impressive career. Nonetheless, he is famous as of now. And you know the reason for that.

Brie Larson and Her New Boyfriend Facts

The name is not a new and unfamiliar name for those who like to watch movies. After all, Brie has appeared on a considerably large number of movies. And her recent appearance in the Avengers Franchise is sure to have made her more popular among the people.

You may not know, but Larson has won an Oscar for the Best Actress. And again if you know this already, you might not be shocked or surprised at all.

The actress got the Oscar for her role as a kidnap victim in the 2015 movie ‘Room’. Just go and watch it if you are a fan of the woman.

New Romance

Well, there is no need to talk more on the fact. After all, we have already discussed the major facts of the story. Despite that, let’s just move into the details.

So the story is that Brie Larson is seen smooching Elijah Allan-Blitz outside a grocery store. They were spotted indulged in the act in Calabasas, California. See the picture. That’s the couple caught during the act.

Recently, we heard the news about Larson calling off her engagement with her ex-boyfriend, that’s what we need to call him now, Alex Greenwald. This was back in January. Only a few months have passed since then.

After ending a 5 years long relationship with Alex, the recent activities of the 29 years old actress is sure to create some questions in the minds of her fan. Maybe the old relationship didn’t work very well and she was searching for something new in her life.

Whatever the case, her new relationship is to public knowledge. And again, it shouldn’t matter very much to you unless you have a crush on Larson or Elijah.