Elijah Allan-Blitz Age, Wiki (Brie Larson Boyfriend) Family, Net Worth, Height, Job

Elijah Allan-Blitz is an American Director for Virtual Reality videos. Besides, he has also appeared as an actor and has some image as a musician as well.

Elijah is more popular as a director who won a Lumiere Award with VR experience Take Every wave: Laird in VR. Likewise, he also has awards related to music.

Well, despite his work in the industry, he has recently hit the ground. The People magazine spotted him with Captain Marvel. Exactly, Brie Larson who is a marvel character playing as Captain Marvel.

Elijah Allan-Blitz Age, Wiki (Brie Larson Boyfriend) Family, Net Worth, Height, Job

The pictures clearly narrate the story of them as a couple. apparently, they were kissing with a rigid hug. Here’s all you need to know about him, his career, Net worth, height, and wiki.

Elijah Allan-Blitz Wiki

Elijah Allan-Blitz recently doesn’t own a Wikipedia page. Since his career is blooming, he may have his own page near future.

Elijah was born in 1987, in Santa Barbara, California. Information about his parents or childhood is not publicly available. Although, he had a talent and enthusiasm as an artist since his childhood.

Nonetheless, he featured as an actor, musician, and a director. That’s all the talent a Hollywood celebrity needs. Even though he didn’t have much of lead role as an actor, he was famous as a director. Likewise, his music career was also decent.

The star had featured a number of singles as a musician. Indeed, he created a single “Hey Yo” and was nominated in Grand Jury Award at International Festival of Cinema Awards. Grand Jury Award has the Best Music Video category given to the visually appalling videos. Eventually, his creation was nominated.

Moreover, He was also a director of a number of VR movies. His most notable work as a director was Take Every wave: Laird in VR. Emmy Award nomination was the result of the work. Significantly, he uploaded a picture on his Instagram account.

Elijah also had a brief acting career. In particular, he featured in Marvel comic-based TV series The Shield season 2 in 2003. Likewise, he has also starred in short movies like She’s Funny That Way in 2014 as a Security Guard. Likewise, he also featured in Independent movies like In this Life, Breakup Moving Service, Full Ride, Miami Dead Country, and Envoy.

The star was previously in a relationship with an American Actress Maria Bello in 2016. Likewise, Brie Larson also broke up engagement with her ex-boyfriend Alex Greenwald 6 months ago.

Family, Age


Elijah is anxious about his private life. As a reason, he has not shared information about his family, childhood, and experiences in the past.

Although information about his family is not available, we do know his age.

Elijah Allan-Blitz is 32 years old and looks like a perfect match by age for 29-year-old Brie Larson.

What is Elijah Allan-Blitz height?

Elijah is an attractive young man with a height of 1.83 m. The 6 feet good-looking director did win over the heart of one of the best Hollywood actress today.

What is his job and Net Worth?

Elijah Allan-Blitz is an American Director, Actor, and Musician. We have already mentioned about career and achievements. Well, he is a successful artist in the industry.

The information about his net worth is not available and under review. Elijah has had a successful career so there is no doubt that his net worth is in millions.

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