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Elena Lomachenko
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Well, I guess you might not have heard that often of Elena Lomachenko. But, if you have any clue about the boxing world, you surely know just who she is.

She is most popular as the wife of Vasyl Lomachenko, who is a unified lightweight world champion at the present. And, she is lovely as can be.

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Likewise, he is a Ukranian pro boxer. In the same way, he held the WBO junior lightweight title in the year 2016. And, that is not the only title he has won.

In fact, he has held many other titles as well. That is why it is easy to see that he is great at what he does. And, hence, anyone who has seen him in the boxing ring can’t deny that.

Elena Lomachenko Age

By now, you might want to know about Elena’s age. Well, truth be told, there are no records of her age on the internet as of yet.

Similarly, Elena does seem to prefer to live a private and quiet life. So, she has not disclosed her personal details as well.

Hence, we do not know about her age. And, neither do we know about her date of birth. But, we hope to find out about it soon.

Nevertheless, her husband, Vasyl, is 31 years of age as of this year.

Elena Lomachenko Wiki (Vasyl Lomachenko Wife)


Elena Lomachenko is the wife of Vasyl Lomachenko. And, he is a Ukranian pro boxer. In the same way, he is also known as Vasily or Vasiliy.

The couple met for the first time when both of them were in high school. And, they have been together ever since.

Likewise, they have been married for some time now. But, the date of their wedding is unknown to the world.

In fact, many details of their marriage have been kept far from the media. As a result, most people find their relationship rather mysterious and secretive as well.

But, that is just how some people are. They like to keep things private. Nonetheless, we do hope that the couple has a great relationship until the end.

Elena Lomachenko Net Worth

Elena is the wife of Vasyl Lomachenko. Hence, you might be interested in her net worth. After all, her husband is pretty successful in his career.

But, sadly, there is no info on her estimated net worth. Nevertheless, we do know about her other half’s net worth.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Vasyl Lomachenko has the estimated net worth of $8 million. So, this shows just how great his career is going.

Elena’s Family

Elena Lomachenko is the better half of Vasyl Lomachenko. In the same way, the couple has been blessed with two kids.

They have a son and a daughter. Their son is the elder one and his name is Anatoly Lomachenko. Similarly, the couple named their son after his grand dad’s name.

And, their daughter’s name is Victoria Lomachenko. Likewise, she was born on the 23rd of July in the year 2013. In addition, her elder brother was born on November 11 in the year 2011.