Elaine Hendrix | Biography

Elaine Hendrix was born on 28 December, 1970 in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA. She is actress, model, singer and dancer. She was born to father Hendrix, Jr and mother Mary DePersion. She was raised by her parents in Morristown. Her roles in Inspector Gadget 2, The Parents Trap and a documentary, What the Bleep Do We Know have created her public image.

Elaine is a hot and sexy looking celebrity.Her blue eye and brown hair gives her more attractive looks. Before, being an actress she was a model with perfect shaped body. She has commendable height of 5ft 8 inch, bra size of 34B, and body measurement of 34-26-35.Her body facts give makes her more sizzling hot in fashion wears. In 2013 Genesis Award, she was dressed in blue costume with the golden ornaments around her neck and hand. Before this in 2011, 1st Annual Diamonds Not FurGala To Benefit SPCALA- Arrivel she wore top to bottom green color dress. It might be due to the modeling knowledge that she had received in her modeling days. She can figure out what is best and why is it. Moving towards her affairs and marriage, she is unmarried. In her early days she used to date Christopher J. Corabi. Her recent ongoing affair is kept secret by her. She might not want to make her affair public and this might be the reason why she keeps hiding her affair from public.

Elaine was 15 when she moved to Atlanta along with her mother. Approaching Atlanta, she joined Northside School of Performing Arts. While, Elaine was in her school she won a model hunt. Later, she became a successful dancer with Gary Harrison Dance Co. Then, she began modeling in her off time for Nike, Sun Microsystem, Levi’s and Mattel. She also started to work with MC Hammer, Ehodini and Keith Sweat the known hip-hop artist of that era. In 1992, she switched to Los Angeles where, her modeling and dancing career came to end. While, she was riding bike she was hit by a moving car in Los Angeles. Later, when Elaine restored herself from the accident she moved to film and TV career. In 1995, she appeared in brief role in Get Smart series.Her other TV series of that period are Friends, Joan of Arcadia & CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. She created her notability after she appeared as Meredith Blake in The Parent Trap series. The following year, she appeared in Molly followed by Superstar, Here on Earth, Special Units 2 and others. By 2003, she appeared in several roles and the hit film was Inspectors Gadget 2. Inspectors Gadget 2 was directed by Alex Zamm and it is a live action comedy movie. In 2006, she appeared in documentary What the Bleep Down the Rabbit Hole playing the role of Jennifer. Coming to 2014, she has made several TV series and film appearance. Elaine recent TV series are Maron& Anger management.Elaine professional career has earned her net worth of 2 million. Besides, this entire things she is also an active philanthropist. As a social worker, Elaine is a spoke person for rights of animals in In Defense of Animals.She has taken part in numerous programs that fight for pets’ rights.

Elaine who was interested in dancing and modeling has to quit due to her road accident. As Elaine is engaged in acting profession she has developed her much interest in acting and she enjoys it.

Elaine is an American actress born on 28 December, 1970. Besides, being an actress she is also a model, dancer, singer and philanthropist. She was born to parents Hendrix & Mary. She earned her education from North side School of Performing Arts she won model hunt held in her school and later created her name as a professional dancer in Gary Harrison Dancer Co.Subsequently, she exposed to modeling also. Soon, she began to work for known companies like Nike, Mattel and Levi’s.Later, when she moved to California in 1992, she met an accident. After, it she had to quit her modeling and dancing profession. Then, she moved to acting career.After making couple of series and films she began to move towards fame.Her more biography can be available in Wiki.