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Beautiful and Skilled Edith Falco branded as Edie Falco is America born actress. She equally has made her presence in film and stage. She is renowned with her role of Diane Whittlesey in HBO show Oz, in Nurse Jackie and in The Sopranos as Carmela Soprano. She was born to drummer father Frank Falco and mother Judith Anderson in Brooklyn. She is of English, Italian and Swedish ethnicity. She went to Northport High School and graduated from there in 1981. She after acting as My Fair Lady went to SUNY Purchase to sharpen her acting ability.

Let us talk about her career and growth, she in her early days was seen acting in TV series like Law & Order and Homicide: Life on the Street. She was offered the role in Homicide as the director of Homicide was impressed after seeing her acting in Laws of Gravity. Her role was appreciated by viewers as well as by her colleagues. She stated she was struggling actress at that time and her salary was enough to pay her rent. She was given chance to act in HBO Series Oz as Diane Whittlesey. In 1994 she got breakthrough chance to act in small role in movie Bullets Over Broadway. She was given to act in Judy Berlin by Director Eric Mendelsohn. The director won the award of Best Director at Sundance Film Festival. She again was cast in the movie 3 Backyards of same director Mendelsohn. Surprisingly he again won Best Director honor second time. Her character portrayal as Carmela of The Sopranos has gave her Golden Globe, Emmy Award and a SAG Award in the same year. She is amongst few stars who have earned three awards in same year. She has shown her acting ability in movies like Trust, Reversal of Fortune, Cop Land, Private Parts, Random Hearts and Sunshine State. In theatre she has acted in plays like Side Man, Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune and night Mother. She as invitee actress is seen in 30 Rock and Will & Grace. Her character portrayal in Broadway Play House of Blue Leaves earned her nomination in Tony Award. She also has shown her interest in politics as she is seen in TV Commercials of M.O.B. Mothers Opposing Bush (M.O.B) is firm which was opposing Bush due to his policies. She in the ad has told Mothers always put their children first, Mr. Bush, can you say the same? In 2004 presidential campaign she had donated $1000 to John Kerry, $300 to Democratic National Committee and $1300 to Hillary Clinton. She has earned the net worth of 40 million dollar from her entire professional involvement.

Knowing about her private life, reportedly she is not married and has no husband. So she has not been through any legal issues and divorce. In 2004 she was seen dating with her boyfriend Stanley Tucci. These days there is no any news about her affairs and dating. She has adopted two children Son Anderson and Daughter Macy. She is living happy life and likes to give importance to her professional life rather personal life. She doesn’t like to talk about her personal life. She looks hot in her bikini get up as we can see her pictures in internet. Her slender body suits bikini which is liked by her millions of fans. Her toned pair of feet is the key factor that supports her appealing body. This TV personality is rumored to be gay as she has no husband and is not seen dating any man.

She in 2003 was detected with Breast Cancer but she didn’t announce about it till it was cured. She is avid alcohol user. She stated her health has been hampered due to it. She decided to be far away from alcohol and has successfully done it. She currently speaks on behalf of Alcoholics Anonymous 12 step program. In 2003 she collaborated with PETA to shoot for ad which urges parents to keep their children far away from circus as circus violates animal rights.

She is the recipient of various awards. She till date has won Four Emmy Awards, two Golden Globe Awards and Five Screen Actors Guild Award. She already has worked as Spokesperson of Health Care for America Now and has presented herself in CNN in the year 2009.

To know more about this diva we can read her biography in wiki and in her personal blog. She also can be followed in social networking site where she is seen active.