Eden Grinshpan’s Wiki, Bio (Ido Niv-Ron Wife)

Eden Grinshpan was born as Eden Zvia Grinshpan in the United States. She was interested in cooking from an early age and has always been a foodie. Her love for food led her to attend a professional culinary school where she learned the art of cooking. Eden was born to parents Menashe Grinshpan and Riva and they were supportive of their daughter’s diploma choice. She had already graduated by age 20 and she later went on to work in India. She has since then been part of several food projects and her work has taken her to various parts of the world. Eden is the co-founder of ‘DEZ’ which is an online food ordering service. Reports suggest that she makes an adequate amount of money through her career in the cooking world. Her estimated salary per year is $55,294. Eden has acted as the supervising producer on eight episodes of the show ‘Eden Eats.’ Her last work on the show was back in 2012. Additionally, she has also been part of several other shows to date which has made her a regular face on television. She was the host of the show ‘Eden Eats’ from 2011 to 2012. She also appeared in two episodes of the TV series ‘The Nate Berkus Show.’ In 2013, she made appearances on ‘Not My Mama's Meals’, ‘Iron Chef America: The Series’, and ‘Log on & Eat with Eden Grinshpan.’ More recently, Eden has appeared in shows like ‘CBS This Morning: Saturday’, ‘Live! with Kelly’, ‘Food's Greatest Hits’, and ‘Haylie's America.’ In addition, she also appeared as a host on the show ‘Top Chef Canada’ in 2017. Eden has also been involved in other shows including ‘Sugar Showdown’, ‘Donut Showdown’, ‘Big Morning Buzz Live’, and ‘Beat Bobby Flay’ among others.

Eden Grinshpan and Ido Niv-Ron Wedding

Ido and Eden met through mutual friends. After two women whom Eden met at a bar suggested her to meet Ido, she sent a message to him on Facebook. The couple soon hit it off and Ido has revealed that after he met Eden, he logged out of all the dating apps as he believed he had found his perfect match. Although Ido was not looking for a serious relationship at first, his views regarding the matter completely changed after he met Eden. He soon proposed to her and Eden unsurprisingly said yes. Eden Grinshpan and Ido Niv-Ron’s wedding ceremony was held on 18th July 2013. The pair have revealed that their common love for food is keeping their relationship intact. Their marriage is strong as ever and there are no signs of them getting a divorce. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bxixwr-nojt/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet

What is Eden Grinshpan’s Age

Eden Grinshpan is 31 years old. Her husband is 5 years older than her which makes his age 36. Eden Grinshpan was born in the United States and Ido was born in Israel.