Eddie Gallagher Wife Andrea Gallagher: His Family, Age, Wiki, Released

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Eddie Gallagher

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When good people with power start using their power to do bad things, things start to go really grim. It’s very important that power is cross-checked with political principles. Eddie Gallagher is a United States Navy Seal who was charged with court-martial attempted murder, obstruction of justice many other offenses considered to be illegal by the USA martial code.

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Eddie Gallagher and his wife Andrea Gallagher

Gallagher is an all American guy. He’s married to a beautiful woman and has 3 children with her. In addition to that, he’s patriotic. At least, that was what everybody thought until he got convicted of war crimes.

He has a wife named Andrea Gallagher. Andrea claims that her husband is innocent. Rest of the Gallagher family has responded to his allegations silently.

Eddie Gallagher’s Family Details

Eddie Gallagher has a wife named Andrea Gallagher and his marriage is pretty strong. Although he’s a convict of war crimes, his wife still remains on his side.

When it comes to children, Eddie has 3 of them. What are the names of these children? We don’t know because Andrea might have thought publicizing her children when their dad is in jail might be bad for them. But what we know is that Eddie has 2 sons and a daughter.

Rest of the Gallagher family are not showing their faces publicly. No matter what, a situation such as one’s close being inside of jail must hurt and many sympathies lie with Gallagher family. He has a brother named Sean who also support his brother.

Eddie Gallagher Age 39 years

Eddie Gallagher as reported by some of the sources on the internet is 39 years old.

He started serving the USA since 1999 as a SEAL. He has many awards and medals. But his reputation is at risk due to allegations of war crimes.

Eddie Gallagher’s Wiki

As per his wiki, Eddie Gallagher was born in the United States. We do not have any info about his childhood. However, we can guess that he had a strong moral code and a sense of American pride. That’s why he went on to become a Navy SEAL.

He started to serve as a SEAL in 1999. He got medals and honors many times. After 2 decades of service, he was going to retire in the Spring of 2019. But his arrest was a major obstruction in that.

Eddie was, allegedly, killing innocent people. Apparently, he shot his sniper to civilians and intimidated many juniors. He also denied following certain codes of warfare and had his way.

Eddie Gallagher’s Release

Eddie’s wife Andrea was pretty vocal about the injustice. She went on social media to show her anger towards the issue.


Eddie was doing to appear on a trial in May 2019 but new developments in the issue have changed the course of events. He is not in custody as of now. He got out of jail recently. However, he is going to face trial on 10th June 2019.