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Dylan Drossaers Age, Height, Wiki (NikkieTutorials de Jager Boyfriend)
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Dylan Drossaers is a name you don’t hear pretty often because it’s not that famous. However, recently, there is a reason this name is making it’s mark on the internet because he is engaged with someone famous. Do you guys know the name Nikkie de Jagger? Well, maybe you might have heard it somewhere or you might be getting that fuzzy feeling like ‘Oh! I do know that name…’, may I get another name?

Nikkie de Jagger aka NikkieTutorials is engaged with Dylan and that’s the reason Dylan is making headlines on the internet. NikkieTutorials is a famous Youtuber on the platform and she’s been very famous. Because of her, Dylan- her fiance is now a public concern apparently.

Dylan Drossaers Age – Is he 23?

As I have already said, Dylan is not as famous as her wife to be, so, that’s the reason we cannot say anything about his age.

We just have no idea. So, you guys, if you are disappointed on us, you have nothing on us. How can you say the age of a person if the internet itself does not have any clue of it?

However, there are certain sites saying that Dylan is 23 years old.

But Dylan’s fiance and future wife Nikkie is currently 25 years of age according to an anonymous writer on a certain site over the internet.

Dylan Drossaers Height


Again, I am so sorry to confess that we have no idea about his height. Listen, people, we are not an encyclopedia that we can memorize all the information of all the celebrities.

We just are a very social animal and need help to determine those things. But our research happens on the internet.

Now, you tell me if the internet has no clue about Dylan’s age, how will I have it?

I would share his full body picture so you could kinda guess his height but his Instagram is private. But follow him if you are desperate to know his height.

However, Nikkie’s Instagram is public and looking at Dylan there, he seems to have a normal height.

Figure out his height from this picture, or rather take a wild guess. But if I were you, I’d just relax and enjoy looking at how beautiful they are looking together.

The comment section features a popular friend of Nikkie such as James Charles.

Dylan Drossaers and Nikkie and Their cute relationship

Dylan gave a wonderful ring to Nikkie and Nikkie said Yes! Wow, seems like a match made in heaven.

I know that lotta people say those words and fail to keep up that. But this is a very happy thing in their life.

They are currently in Italy and as a true millennial, Nikkie declared it through an Instagram post. But, I think it’d be a problematic thing to say because of course, she’s gonna use Instagram.

Why would she print it on newspaper or something? I am terrible but Nickie and her channel are not. If you are bored, go check it out.