Drew Hazel East Birthday And Age: Shawn Johnson Daughter On Instagram

Drew Hazel East is the only daughter of mother Shawn Johnson and father Andrew East. Her parents are so cheerful that they have one daughter. She is too young but sweet with a charming facial appearance. About her mom, In 2008, she was awarded a gold medal in Olympics.

To learn more about Drew Hazel East, read the facts below,

Name Drew Hazel East
Birthday Oct 29
Age 1-3
Gender Female
Nationality American
Parents Shawn Johnson & Andrew East
Instagram @drewhazeleast
Facebook Drew Hazel East

10 Facts about Drew Hazel East:

  1. According to her mom’s Instagram story, It is clear that Drew Hazel East celebrates her birthday every 29th of October.
  2. In the year 2021, Drew Hazel East is just 1 year 2 months and 21 days by her age to date.
  3. More about her parents, Shawn her mother is an American artistic gymnast, and her dad Andrew is an American footballer.
  4. So sad, Wikipedia bio for her is not available there on the web till today. But her parents got their details over there. 
  5. Not sure about her height but Drew was nearly eight pounds at her birth.
  6. Although she does not has any siblings, Drew Hazel is not alone in her family. They got a family dog named,” Nash The Golden” also known as Nash Man. Interestingly, they have also created an Instagram profile by the name of the pet.
  7. Pictures including her family can be easily explored over the web, also her mother has posted Drew’s photo while being kissed on her Instagram.
  8. A lot of people know about Drew Hazel East because of her parents. Both of them are widely known all over America because of the fame they have established.
  9. Drew Hazel East is there on Instagram with 507k followers. Surprisingly, She got followers more than the popular celebrity does.
  10. Talking more about Drew, Her parents love her to a great extent. As we can see that on her parent’s social media.