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Dray Clark Wife, Girlfriend (NBC 10) Salary, Bio, Wiki - Jericka Duncan and More
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Find Dray Clark How old & Tall is He, Wife, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Parents, Dray Clark Age Height & Weight Facts, Read Also:-

An NBC reporter, as well as an anchor Dray Clark, arrested on Friday, September 27. He is facing charges related to a domestic assault involving his girlfriend. In fact, he is charged with 16 crimes including harassment, theft, simple assault, and making terroristic threats.

A woman who is described as his girlfriend had reported an argument outside Clark’s home in Pennsylvania. According to reports, she struck the lady several times as well as chocked her.

As per press secretary for Chester Mayor Thaddeus Kirkland, Aigner Cleveland the lady went to Clark’s home on Thursday, September 26.

She tried to rectify a prior domestic assault that took place in New Castle County. Well, Dray was held captive back then as well. In the midst of his previous legal scars, Cary will have to walk the same road, once again. According to officials, his case is very serious.

His bail amount is $20 thousand.

Here’s what you might want to know about Dray Clark.

Dray Clark Wife, Girlfriend, How is Jericka Duncan?

On Friday, September 27, officials got hold of Dray Clark following his alleged domestic assault to his girlfriend. Meanwhile, the identity of his so-called girlfriend is not public.

On Tuesday, September 26, Clark’s girlfriend visited his home in Chester. Though she didn’t want to get into his home, she did unwillingly. According to, she enters Dray’s home beacuse her young son inside his home. As it appears, Dray has really been dating the lady.

Dray Clark's Alleged Girlfrined
Dray Clark’s Alleged Girlfriend

Meanwhile, it’s not clear whether Dray is the father of his girlfriend’s son.

Speaking about Jericka Duncan, she is an American correspondent for CBS News Network. The TV journalist is currently dating a guy named Dary Clerk. Well, many might mistook Dray Clark to Dary Clark.

Both Dray and Jericka are American journalists. While Dray works for NBC News, Jericka works for CBS News. Though their profession is the same, they have nothing in between in personal life.

NBC 10 Reporter Dray Clark Salary, Net Worth


The NBC 10 reporter Dray Clark has opted to keep his financial details a secret. As of now, the exact figure of his net worth and annual income is not public.

According to, the average salary of an NBC News reporter is $75,067.

Working with the media house for several years, the 41 years old reporter must have amassed a colossal net worth. It’s possible, that Dray makes around $75 thousand as reported by

Meanwhile, the salary of reporters ranges with experience as well as tenure. So, possibly, the might be making above $75 thousand or so.

Though he might not be worth in millions, it’s certain his net worth is counted in thousands.

Bio, Wiki – Dray Clark

Dray Clark was born in the American soil, making him an American citizen. His appearance suggests that he wasn’t born to white American parents.

Well, his parents could be of African descent living in the United States.

According to his LinkedIn profile, he graduated from Lincoln University. Afterward, he joined WJW channel at FOX 8 as its anchor.

He currently works for NBC 10 at NBC News.