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Dr Simone Wildes Wikipedia, Bio, Nationality, Ethnicity, Husband
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Dr. Simone Wildes is an american doctor who is currently working in the front line against the pandemic. She has been actively participating inorder to find methods to eradicate the coronavirus that is leaving the world in disarray.

Moreover, Dr. Wildes thinks that opening the lockdown in different states an still be fatal as there is chance of getting hit by second surge. Here are the 10 facts about the doctor, who could be the saving grace in tough times like now.

Name Dr. Simone Wildes
Gender Female
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Profession Doctor
Married/Single Married
Twitter @dr_wildes

10 Facts on Dr. Simone Wildes

  1. Dr. Simone Waldes is an american doctor who is the specialist in infectious diseases. She is currently residing in Voorhess, New Jersey, United States. 
  2. No, the doctor is yet to have a wikipedia biography despite all the good work she has done. 
  3. Similarly, Wildes’s nationality is American as she is currently doing her medical work in America.
  4. However, the doctor comes from Jamaican American ethnic groups. She has dark skin and curly hair. Her height and weight are still under review. But she stands tall and slim. 
  5. Moreover, the doctor is yet to reveal her birthday. However, we can take a guess that she is in her early fifties. But she looks significantly younger than that. 
  6. Also, the marital status of the dcotor is still unknown. Rumors say that she is a married woman though. But there aren’t any details about her husband or children. 
  7. Furthermore, the doctor is currently a infectious disease specialist. She is working on South Shore Hospital in 55 Fogg Road, United States. 
  8. Similarly, she completed her doctorate education in Loma Linda University of Medicine. She graduated in 1997.
  9. Since then, she has been active and loyal to the South Shore Hospital. She was recently seen in TV talking about the efficiency of a drug named Remdesivir for the doctors working in the first line against coronavirus.
  10. Since she is a doctor, she lives a luxurious and busy life. Especially during these times of pandemic. Her net worth is yet to be determined though.