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Dr Mona Vand Age, Wiki, Boyfriend
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Dr. Mona Vand is a medical professional, known for appearing on Bravo’s ‘Shahs of Sunset’. This season of ‘Shahs of Sunset’ focuses on her brother Nema Vand and Mona’s the newest cast member on the show.

Introduced to viewers by her brother, Mona has certainly caught the eye of the nation as well someone from inside.

She is a doctorate degree holder specializing in health and beauty.  Famous as  ‘modern pharmacist’, Nema appearance on the reality show is sure to spark heat from haters.

As recently, she received tons of negative comments on her Instagram for what haters’ called ‘fake medical degree’ and ‘fake plastic surgeon’.

But, who exactly is Mona Vand? Up ahead, know about the newest addition of ‘Shahs of Sunset’, Mona Vanda and her life closely!

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Dr. Mona Vand Age and Height

Born in 1985, Mona Vand ages 34 this year as she celebrated her recent birthday on this March 10. She looks nothing her age and has marvelously has kept her figure intact.

Leggy bombshell Mona Vanda stands with the towering height and has a balanced body weight. With visible abs and chiseled belly, she has never looked or felt better!

Mona combines her outdoor enthusiasm like hiking & trekking with gym regimens and a balanced diet to stay in shape. Just a follow at her Instagram handle is enough to feel her hotness as you will go green with her envious figure and feeds.

Mona Vand’s Wiki


While Mona Vand doesn’t have her Wiki page, her brief biography is readable on a few websites all over the internet.

Coming from a blended family, Mona shares close-born with her parents and friends but has been on the abovementioned show to ‘mend’ her relationship with brother, Nema Vand.

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As her personal websites, she is a typical New Yorker, having appreciated the beauty and healthy lifestyle the most.

While it remains unknown from university she obtained her medical degree, she is the creator of famous ‘The Modern Pharmacist’ movement.

Besides her medical duties, she has appeared on shows including ‘The Doctors’ & ‘The Telegraph’, both on NBC.

In addition to her TV appearances, she has garnered a sizeable following on the social media, including Twitter and Instagram.

She uses her social networking site to motivate and inspire followers on a daily basis. Moreover, she continues to appear on the media as well.

Is Mona Vand Married? Know for Boyfriend or Husband

Over the past few episodes of ‘Shahs of Sunset’, fans witness Mike Shouhed and Mona Vand getting little flirtatious. So, what’s really going between Mike and Mona lately? Is the two Dating? What’s the deal?

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Mona Vand has never been married but she’s reportedly dating someone under the radar. According to Romper reports in April 2018, Mike confesses of dating ‘bombshell’, who is smart and kinda fitness junkie. That kind of reminds us of Mona Vand, right?

So, Are Mona and Mike girlfriend and boyfriend? As the mystery remains unsolved, the two is rarely photographed together and they don’t make public appearances as a couple.