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Dr Britten Cole Wikipedia: Dr. Britten Cole of American nationality is one the well-known and incredible star on Bravo’s ‘Married To Medicine: Los Angeles’.

Best friend of fellow cast Contessa Metcalfe, Britten is an anesthesiologist, who has been doing surgeries between 11-20 years.

But, who is this anesthesiologist, who is currently starring on Married To Medicine: Los Angeles? Up ahead, learn more on her husband, family, married life and career highlights!

Dr. Britten Cole Wiki & Bio

Dr. Britten Cole Wiki & Biography: A hard-headed anesthesiologist, Dr. Britten Cole is one of the top-earning specialties in her field – says Bravo.

Recently working as a tempo, the brunette is seeking a full-time position within a medical facility or hospital in the Los Angeles area.

Before obtaining her medical degree from the University Of Illinois College Of Medicine, she served as a Navy officer alongside fellow cast member Dr. Contessa Metcalfe, who remains her best friend to this day.

Having done her residency at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, she is certified to practice anesthesiology in Florida and California.

Along with Contessa, Britten’s name was enlisted on Bravo’s hit spinoff ‘Married To Medicine’ for this season.

As her military background taught her to handle her emotions and be strong, her brief biography is readable on a few websites including official but Dr. Britten Cole doesn’t have her Wiki page.

Nonetheless, you can follow her on social media including Instagram and Twitter. Also, you can tune-in Bravo as the show ‘Married TO Medicine: Los Angeles airs at 9 p.m.

Dr. Britten Cole Age – 42 Years Old


Born in 1976, Dr. Britten Cole currently age 42 and is 6-months away from celebrating her 43rd birthday on October 19.

Younger-looking with her fit physique and wrinkle-free skin, Dr. Britten may be in her forties but her appearance says otherwise.  

Dr. Britten Cole Husband – Mack Major

Dr. Britten Cole’s husband is Mack Major and the two have been together for over a decade. Married since the past 10 years, Britten and Mack have two beautiful children, Mack Jr, and Ivy Major.  

As per his LinkedIn profile, Mr. Mack is a construction expert and real estate professional, who has been with Gayanga Co & Capital Real Estate Professionals LLC for nearly 20 years.

With her family for this summer, the board-certified physician has come up with the decision to move to Los Angeles full-time, where she takes her career to the next level.

Before the handsome husband commits to relocating, Mr. Mack is taking his time for thinking and to be sure that the decision isn’t an impulsive one.

Dr. Britten Cole Parents

Basic information including Dr. Britten Cole’s parents’ identity, siblings’ details or where she was born-and-bred has been kept hidden far away from the media and public reach.

Dr. Britten Cole is an emerging reality star from ‘Married To Medicine: Los Angeles’. And, which is why most details of her early and past life is yet to disclose in the public.

On the contrary, with her each appearance on the show, her Instagram presence continues to grow with her official page now boasting 8,010 followers as of April 2019. So is her net worth and celebrity status!