Dj Pryor Wikipedia, Father, Wife, Age – Shanieke Pryor, Son Kingston Viral Video

Dj Pryor Wikipedia, Father, Wife, Age - Shanieke Pryor, Son Kingston Viral Video

While it’s everyone plan to be popular ever since a child, it’s a dream seldom achieve. While some may work to achieve their ultimate goal, there are people who became an overnight sensation. Thanks to the power of social media these days!

Among such fresh and ordinary faces are DJ Pryor and his son Kingston! And, we couldn’t stop loving this father and son duos!

Up ahead, are few facts about the ordinary people who caught our attention because of their adorableness!

DJ Pryor’s Wikipedia and Age

When it comes to providing some google-able and grind-worthy content, the web leaves no stone unturned. Today we’re talking about Tennessee’s father, who became an overnight star along with his toddler son.

As viral content has introduced us with unexpected celebrities, the internet has become a lucrative platform lately.

The viral and purist stories of early 2019 have to be the video of DJ Pryor and his child. Without a doubt, the video of an infant chatting it up with his dad has been ruling our timelines lately.

In the viral video, the comedian father makes a full-fledged conversation with his son despite the toddler’s limited vocabulary.

Just like any other viral videos, the identification and whereabouts of DJ Pryor’s family are yet to be revealed. Because of which the inner workings of Pryor’s life, his marriage and especially his son remain unknown.

Also, DJ Pryor doesn’t have his Wikipedia page and we can’t actually report on his age for now!

DJ Pryor’s Wife – Shanieke Pryor

According to standrad.co.uk, DJ Pryor wife has posted the video to Facebook on June 4. It’s a scene that happens in the couple’s rooms, which is racking up millions of views and likes.

The Pryor’s couple is relaxing, watching series ‘Empire’ while their 19-month-old Kingston Jierre chills out nearby.

Mrs. Pryor mentioned the post to Facebook, ‘Only this Child! Having a talk with father is just as bad’! The video has raked over 31 million views in less than 24 hours.

Shanieke Pryor jokingly asks his son about the show to which the toddler replies and engages in a lengthy conversation. The whole video is completely swoon-worthy and hilarious and has captivated the internet totally.

DJ Pryor and Son Kingston Viral Video

With what started as a casual conversation between father and son has captured the world’s interest. This sincere video is sure to ease your heart and brighten your day!

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😍😍 MAN!!…Where do I begin with this guy? I Love How He Laughs At Himself 😂😂😂 Wow!!!……It’s hard believe it’s only been 18 months since GOD blessed us with you and and your SUPERSTAR PERSONALITY!!! I see your talent starting to come out as you get older. I watch how you study daddy when you see my videos of me performing. Your Joy is Contagious!! Your Laugh is Infectious, Your Love is Inspiring and Your Heart & Spirit is That of a Little KING who absolutely loves to entertain people and like to make people smile and feel special. This kid walks around the house with a Mic or Finding some to entertain everyone who comes over. You Truly Have A Gift Son! And Most Of All You Are Truly A Gift!!! HAPPY 18 Months STONSHINE!!! ☀️☀️☀️☀️ #MrEntertainer #18MonthsAndTheRestOfLifeToGo!!! #YoungKing #KingstonJierre #YourAreNotABabyAnymore #AnotherStandUpComedianInTheHouse #KJP #LilJokeSlanga

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Baby Kingston Jierre is sitting next to his father on the couch, while vividly chatting about the series, ‘Empire’. In the video, the two had a deep conversation with arm gesticulation & hand motion.

But, what made the scene so adorably amusing is that the child expresses his emotions, regardless of limited vocabulary.

Needless to say, father Pryor didn’t seem to brother and continually responses to the baby’s noises with questions and nods.

Professional comedian Pryor acts to understand as if he knows what his little boy is saying. As it appears, the little Kingston will become a comedian like his father when he grows up.

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