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Did Robin Mcgraw Files For Divorce? Dr. Phil McGraw Wife Net Worth, Age, Family and Kids Now
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Robin McGraw rose to fame as the wife of Philip McGraw who is the host of a popular show “Dr. Phil Show“. She is an author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and a television personality as well. However, she came to notice of everyone after she appeared on her husband’s show.

Robin was the second wife of Dr. Phil. The couple has been married for 43 years now and is still strong.

But, they have always been the victim of a few rumors regarding their relationship status.

Did Robin McGraw files for divorce against Dr. Phil?

Well, no… Not yet. Although fans have been asking about this thing to Robin on her personal social media, she has chosen to stay silent. Nonetheless, this rumor does not seem to be true.

Robin in her 43 years of marriage has always been expressive about her love for her husband. Likewise, amidst all the rumors, she has not stopped posting lovely pictures with her husband on the internet.

Recently, she posted a beautiful picture wishing Dr. Phil a very happy birthday.

Similarly, Dr. Phil also is not behind on this matter. Even he shows the internet that his love for his wife has not decreased yet.

So, as of now, we can say that Robin McGraw files for divorce is still a rumor.

Robin McGraw has a Net Worth of $40 Million


As per the Celebrity Net Worth, her net worth is around $40 Million. Robin McGraw has written a few books by herself. Out of them, two were also the best-sellers according to the New York Times. Besides this, she has appeared on a few talk shows like “The Oprah Winfrey Show”, “Larry King Live”, “The View”, and  “Entertainment Tonight”.

In 2018, she introduced her own skincare products as well.

Moreover, her husband is one of the highest-paid talk show hosts in America. He has a net worth of $ 400 Million.

How old is Robin McGraw Age?

Robin is currently 65 years old. However, the glow in her skin says something else. If we look at her pictures, we will definitely know that she still looks vibrant at this age which is not normal for 65 years old in reality.

So, people assume that she had had plastic surgery. Although she has never admitted to taking the help of plastic surgery, the differences can be found in her pictures from the past. According to the rumors, she has done a face-lifting surgery and cheek enhancement as well.

Along with this face enhancements, we believe that healthy living could also be the reason for her beauty even at this age.

About Robin’s Family and kids

As said earlier, Robin McGraw is the wife of the famous talk show host, Dr. Phil McGraw. They are together for 47 years. Also, the coupe has been happily married for 43 years now. After 4 years of knowing each other, they finally tied the knot in 1976.

Before Robin, Phil had been married to his girlfriend from college Debbie Higgins. They ended their marriage in 1976.

Robin and Phil share a beautiful family. They are the parents of two sons, Jay McGraw and Jordan McGraw. The elder son Jay is a writer and a television producer. And, the younger one, Jordan is a singer and a musician.

They are also grandparents to two of their grandchildren from their elder son Jay.