Did Jockey Chris Caserta Have A Wife? Was He Married?

Chris is not married yet and has no wife, but he does have many female friends. It's not clear if he has been in a relationship or not. 

Furthermore, Chris was 26 years old when he lost his life because of drowning. By profession, he was a jockey.

The obituary news of Chris has been published on several tabloids and online sources. He is the son of Lucia and Robert, as per the reports. 

Chris Caserta Was With Amy Graham When He Vanished At Surfers Paradise

On Wednesday, Chris went missing during a late-night swim from Surfers Paradise on December 1, 2021, police confirmed. Chris was with Amy, 25, track work rider when this incident happened on Wednesday. 

The pair got into trouble and heard Graham screaming. The bystanders rushed to help Graham, but they failed to save Chris. Graham was immediately taken to Gold Coast University hospital in a stable condition, having inhaled some water.

Who Is Amy Graham? Was She Chris Caseta Girlfriend?

Amy is a 25-year-old jockey. Indeed, she was with Caserta, as the pair went together at Surfers Paradise around 10 pm on Wednesday. 

Unfortunately, Chris didn't return after that.

There is a rumor in the media, Amy and late Chris are a couple. Regardless, they are not dating each other. 

As noted by the source, Amy is an apprentice jockey. She shared an emotional tribute to late Chris on Friday morning via Twitter. 

Neither Amy nor Chris at any point dropped any clue of dating or any PDA photos on social media. It clearly shows that they are good friends and not more than that.