Who Is Dick Hoyt? A Bio On Wikipedia? Let's Learn More About Him

Dick Hoyt does not have a biography written for him on Wikipedia. Nevertheless, we have prepared a short profile of him.

Dick was in the Air National Guard and Army National Guard for precisely 37 years.

His son, Rick Hoyt, has had cerebral palsy from birth. 

Dick was an inspirational speaker. He used to give more than 100 speeches in a year.

He grew up in North Reading and was the captain of the North Reading High School football team.

What Is The Age Of Dick Hoyt? How Old Is He? 

Dick Hoyt was 80 years old when he died. 

He was born in 1940 in Holland, Massachusetts. 

His birthday falls on June 1st and his death anniversary falls on March 17th. 

On Dick Hoyt's Parents 

Dick Hoyt's father, Alfred Hoyt, was a used-car salesman. And his mother, Anna Hoyt, was a homemaker.

Hoyt grew up in North Reading.  

Who Is Dick Hoyt's Wife?

Dick Hoyt married his high school sweetheart, Judy Leighton. They got married in 1961. 

Judy and Dick were married immediately after graduating. 

During high school, Judy was the head cheerleader. 

Judy founded Kamp for Kids.

It allows children with and without disabilities to go camping together.

Sadly, she died in 2010.