DeMar DeRozan Joker Tattoo On Shoulder Meaning Explored

DeMar DeRozan took his fans by surprise when he stepped out with a new Joker tattoo on his shoulder back in 2019.

Though he has not formally spoken on his tattoo and the meaning behind it, it is clear that the Bulls star cherishes it.

It seems that DeRozan is a big fan of the Joker character introduced to the world by DC Comics.

The late actor Heath Ledger portrayed the Joker inked on DeRozan's right shoulder.

Meanwhile, he inked the tattoo in the wake of the 2019 movie Joker that actor Joaquin Phoenix portrays.

Even so, it is for sure that DeRozan cherishes Joker more precisely due to the mental tension of the character.

DeRozan suffers from depression and is an avid advocate against it.

Thus, the similarity of longing for mental health stability of both the Joker and himself prompted DeRozan to get a tattoo of Joker on his body.

DeMar DeRozan Tattoo- Is It Some Kind Of Gang Sign?

DeMar DeRozan's tattoo does not scream any kind of gang sign.

As mentioned above, DeRozan's choice of the Joker ink is rather connected with the Joker character and the movie's popularity.

Thus, the NBA player showcases his love for the character through ink.

Linking the tattoo to gang signs may not be considerate from any angle.

It is for sure that DeRozan is not the first one to ink himself with a Joker portrait as the DC villain is idolized by many.

Even so, he cherishes his ink by often displaying it on pictures on his social media handles, especially Instagram.

Moreover, per our sources, his Joker tattoo falls under some of the best NBA tattoos of payers.