Deborah Mays Age, Wiki, Bio (Joe Namath’s Ex Wife) Net Worth, Family

Deborah Mays Age, Wiki, Bio (Joe Namath's Ex Wife) Net Worth, Family

Deborah Mays Age: Deborah Mays is 54 years old. She was born in 1964 and celebrates her birthday on September 1.

Additionally, her ex-husband Joe is 76 years old at present. He was born in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania.

Deborah Mays Wiki, Her Bio

Deborah Mays does not have her Wiki page. There is very little information about her life and career at present. Here is a short Bio of her career so far.

Deborah Mays only came to the limelight due to her relationship with Joe Namath. Joe was a popular football player and actor. Furthermore, this meant that Deborah was getting constant media attention over the years.

Deborah has rarely appeared on the media after her separation with Joe. She does not enjoy the mainstream media attention at present.

Deborah appeared in five episodes of the TV series- The Greatest American Hero. This was back in 1983. She has not appeared in any other shows since then.

In 2012, Deborah had credit for her work in the documentary Namath. She appeared as herself on the show.

Deborah made the news in 2010. This was due to her daughter Olivia’s scandal. Authorities arrested Olivia for underage drinking as well as for possessing marijuana.

Deborah might be enjoying her single life at the moment. She has kept her Instagram account private. Moreover, this has caused there to be very little information about her present relationship status.

Joe Namath’s Ex-Wife: Deborah Mays

Most people know Deborah May as the ex-wife of Joe Namath. Joe is a former American football player and actor.

Deborah and Joe remained married from 1984 to 2000. The couple had an age difference of 19 years when they married.

Various sites have reported that the couple met in 1983. Joe’s heavy alcohol consumption is the main reason behind their divorce.

Joe played football in both NFL and AFL. Additionally, he also played college football for the University of Alabama.

As an actor, Joe has 23 credits so far. He first made an appearance on the TV series ‘ABC Stage 67’ in 1966.

Joe has been part of several other movies and shows since then. Recently, he appeared in ‘Thursday Night Football Presents’; the 2016’s TV series.

Joe and Deborah have two daughters together. Their 33 years old daughter Jessica Namath attended the University of Alabama.

In addition, their second daughter Olivia is married to Edwin Baker. She gave birth to her first child in August 2007.

Deborah was in a relationship with Brian Novack for some time. Some sites even suggests that the pair married later. This news has not been confirmed as of yet.

Deborah Mays Net Worth

Dodoodad.com reports that Deborah Mays has a net worth of $10 million. She has appeared as an actress on the television show-The Greatest American Hero.

Deborah has made an impressive sum of money as an aspiring actress according to various reports. Moreover, she probably earned a certain sum of money in her divorce settlement.

Additionally, her ex-husband Joe has a net worth of $ 18 Million at present.

Details on Deborah Mays’ Family

Deborah Mays has kept the information about her family and parental background a secret.

Furthermore, she has seldom spoken regarding the details of her early life and childhood.