Deborah Czeresko Girlfriend, Gender, Wikipedia ( Blown Away Netflix) Artist, Man

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Deborah Czeresko Girlfriend, Gender, Wikipedia ( Blown Away Netflix) Artist, Man

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A glass decoration maybe the most hypnotizing thing interiors and exteriors. Deborah Czeresko is an artist in creating those charms. Deborah is an American glass artist. Basically, she plays with glass and fire to create iconic decorations and monuments.

Moreover, she is also an instructor. Apparently, she instructs and guides students trying to learn the skill of glass blowing.

Well, what is glass blowing? Some of you may not have an idea about it. We will be talking about Deborah, her skills, gender, Wikipedia, and more.

Deborah Czeresko Gender: Man or Woman?

Well, we already mentioned ‘she’ so there is no doubt that Deborah Czeresko’s gender is female. People often say construction and firework are made for men. Apparently, she proves them wrong.

The fearless Deborah has been playing with fire for 30 years. Nonetheless, she is an inspiration to all artists out there trying the breakthrough the door of success.

Who is Deborah Czeresko’s girlfriend?

In fact, Deborah is tickled by women. She has openly announced that Deborah Czeresko is a lesbian. Besides, she is proud of herself and doesn’t regret the decision.

However, she doesn’t like to go depth talking about her personal life and relationships.

There are no public sources pointing out who Deborah Czeresko’s girlfriend might be.

Maybe she has one and is keeping the relationship out of the spotlight. Nonetheless, being popular comes with public controversies and a whole lot of complications.

Therefore, to our knowledge, she is single.

Deborah’s Wikipedia- Artist

Deborah Czeresko doesn’t own a Wikipedia page. Nonetheless, she has just appeared in front of the camera. Maybe she will have her page near future.

She is a glass artist from New York who has blown away many followers by her artistic creations. To demonstrate, you can watch an upcoming Netflix Reality competition  ‘Blown Away‘.

Deborah Czeresko was born on 27th July 1961. The 58-year old’s birth sign is Leo. Likewise, she is an American by nationality who was born in New York.

She spent her childhood days in Brooklyn, New York. Likewise, she attended Rutgers University and completed B.A in Psychology in 1987. Then, she started working as a glass artist.

Afterward, in 1991, she joined Graduate School of Tulane University and graduated in glass sculpting. She learned hot casting and large-scale sculpting with glasses alongside professor Gene koss. Likewise, she studied about Czech sculpting and art with Petr Novotny during the time.

The artist has devoted her entire life for creating sculptures and designs from glasses. She has already dedicated 30 years of her life as a glass artist.

Besides, after graduation, she joined Pilchuck Glass School as an instructor. Afterward, she also worked in ‘Tyler School of Art’ and  ‘Parsons School of design and Urban Glass’.

Moreover, she also had lectures in many universities across the United States and Europe. For instance, she had classes at New York University.

She also featured in renowned magazines like ‘Architectural Digest and Elle Decor’ and ‘Dwell’.

Deborah Czeresko in Blown Away

Recently, she has featured in a Canadian reality show ‘Blown Away’ by Netflix. The show consists of glassblowers from different parts of the world.

The show featured in July 2019. Each of them competes to be the best. Consequently, she was the best of the bests around the world and was the winner of the show.

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