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Debbie Gwyther Age, Wiki, Net Worth, Married - Liam Gallagher Girlfriend
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Debbie Gwyther is the wife of famous singer and songwriter Liam Gallagher. Debbie and Liam have been together for very long. In fact, they are together for the past 7 years. However, they are together not only because of their relationship but also by profession. Debbie Gwyther has been working as an assistant of Liam since 2013.

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Debbie Gwyther Age – 36 years old

Debbie Gwyther is 36 years old as of 2019. She was born on the early 1980s. However, the exact birth date and zodiac sign of her is not out on the web. In addition, there are no details about her parents on the web.

Debbie Gwyther Wiki


Debbie Gwyther is an independent and successful girl. She has been working as the personal assistant of Liam Gallagher since 2013. Before being assistant of Liam, she was an artist manager and PR executive also. Besides personal assistant, Debbie is also Liam’s love of life.

Debbie and Liam’s relationship was secret until last year. The couple once had a moment on television due to which they made their relationship public.

Debbie has been a huge impact on the career of Liam. Liam left his previous band Beady Eye due to some spat with other members. This incident made a huge impact on his career as well as personal life.

However, Debbie was always there for her boyfriend. In fact, people give her the credit in controlling Liam. She was the reason due to which Liam rejoined music and is pretty successful in his career.

The couple shares a very good relationship. In fact, Liam is so much thankful for her being by his side in hard times. Liam once told in an Interview that Debbie is the one who sorted him and made him work hard.

Besides Debbie, Liam has been in several other relations as well. In fact, he shares four children with three different wives. However, he is single now and is willing to marry Debbie sooner or later.

On the other hand, Debbie has not had any other relationships before Liam. She does not have any children as well.

Debbie Gwyther Net Worth

The net worth of Debbie Gwyther is not available on the Internet until now. However, being a manager of a very popular celebrity, she might make a lot of money.

However, I found out the net worth of her boyfriend Liam Gallagher. Liam has a whopping net worth of $7.5 million USD.

Debbie Gwyther Married

The marital status of Debbie Gwyther is unmarried as of 2019. However, she is in a serious relationship with American rock star Liam Gallagher. The couple is together since 2013 which is for about 7 years. In fact, in an interview, Liam reported Debbie to be her soulmate.

Hence, we can assume that the couple is soon going to get married.