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Dayna Kathan Age, Wiki (Vanderpump Rules) Net Worth, Height, Family
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She is the new bad bitch in the ‘Vanderpump Rules’. Now before you start hating on me because I called Dayna Kathan bad bitch, I will clarify that those were not my original words. It was Lara Kent – her colleague and co-star in the same show.

The world came to know her much more about Dayna through the Instagram post made by Lara Kent. But she also has done many other things in her life before. So, let’s get on with Dayna’s life details right now.

Dayna Kathan Age: Is She Above 30 Years Old?

There is no detail regarding Dayna’s age on the internet. Her Instagram page doesn’t have that info and you would think that her IMDB page has that info but no.

So, disappointingly, I have to say that when it comes to Dayna’s age, we all shall remain oblivious because we ain’t got no choice.

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Dayna Kathan Wiki


Dayna Kathan plays herself in the popular show ‘Vanderpump Rules’. Other than that, we don’t know anything about her life. I am sure she must have done a lot of normal things like going to school, growing up and having fun with friends.

There might be some tendency towards being enraged when people hear that we don’t know of her schooling and education.

But guys, she’s a television star, Wikipedia suggests. She’s not Newton that we’ll be reading story of how she found some extraordinary theory. Let her have a good time and let us have a good time.

Big deal huh? Yes, we don’t know about her life details but am I gonna care? No! That doesn’t mean I hate her but I just get on with my own business.

Dayna Kathan Net Worth

Ah! The thing that rules the internet searches these days – net worth. How much is someone worth? What kinda cars do they use? How many houses do they own? This stuff is so boring and stupid. So, if you hate this culture of asking someone’s net worth, this is gonna be a little relief for you.

Relief because there are no details concerning Dayna Kathan’s net worth on the internet. Nobody knows how much she is worth. She is a reality TV star. So, maybe she is worth the amount of how beautiful and young she is? But who cares.

So, listen up people! We don’t know about her net worth. But if you wanna know net worth of celebs, here you go!

Dayna Kathan Height

Dayna Kathan stands impressively tall at “only she knows and it’s nobody else’s business” feet tall. I am sorry guys if you think I am being too grumpy. But what would you have me do if I don’t know and couldn’t find details regarding her height?

Looking from her pictures, she looks moderately tall and I’m gonna leave that job to you guys- to establish what moderate is.

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Dayna Kathan Family

She must have a family. But there are no specific and long details about her family on the internet.