Was David Rodriguez TikTok Attacked?

David Rodriguez was attacked for apparently no reason last year. 

On August 18, 2020, Rodriguez posted a video on his YouTube account and shared details about the incident. 

He said he had gone out shopping when three guys jumped on him and punched his face for no reason at all.

He was fortunate enough to not sustain any serious injuries. But the incident hurt his nose which seemed slightly broken in the video. 

He did not reveal the identities of his attackers. Also, he did not say if he filed a complaint against them or not. 

He concluded the video by saying he's fine and hoping his nose will also be fine in the coming days. 

David Rodriguez Assault & Court Case Update

There is no information regarding David Rodriguez's assault and court case update on social media at the time of publication. 

It's unclear if he ever filed an assault case when he was attacked last year on the street by three guys.

There has also been no news of anybody filing a lawsuit against Rodriguez. So, with no reports linking him to any court case drama, we can assume the news is false. 

David Rodriguez Wikipedia Bio

David Rodriguez, born on 29 August 1985, is 26 years old. His zodiac sign is Virgo and he was born in Belgium. 

He is currently settled in Brussels. He is a law student and aspired to be a criminologist. 

He worked as a salesman of beauty products before the pandemic. He then started his TikTok and Instagram account during the pandemic to amuse audiences and soon went viral.