David Beriain wikipedia, Nationality, Family, Netflix Instagram

David Beriain wikipedia, Nationality, Family, Netflix Instagram

David Beriain is a reporter and director for the documentary films. Similarly, he has covered conflicts in Iraq. He has been able to enter in the FARC camps.

Also, his work in Columbia made him the finalist of the Bayeux-Calvados. He won the most prestigious award as a war correspondent.

David Beriain Wikipedia

David is a popular personality. But he does not have a Wikipedia. He still has a long way to go. Likewise, he still has hard work to do. So that he will also have a Wikipedia.

In the future, he might gain popularity and a huge success. In the future, he might have a Wikipedia like other popular celebrities. He has made reports around the world. Similarly, he has got into FARC camps.

He has made a new report to the Sinaloa cartel & violence in El Salvador. He has dedicated his time and effort in that. Likewise, he is a very hardworking person.

It is known that the Mexican State of Sinaloa & El Salvador is one of the most dangerous places in the world. Sinaloa Cartel is known as one of the most powerful criminal organization.

El Salvador is a country with 6000 homicides a year and death squads. Death squads are created to kill gang murderers. He & his team traveled all over Mexico and El Salvador. They wanted to know about the ins and outs of the Sinaloa cartel.

What is David’s Nationality?

David has covered conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Congo, and Libya. But the birthplace of David is unknown. He is secretive about his life. Similarly, he has not revealed his life yet.

So his nationality is unknown. In the future, he might reveal his nationality.

Who are in his family?

David is secretive about his life. He has not revealed about his family. Similarly, his birthdate and birthplace are not known. Information about his parents and siblings is not available. In the future, he might reveal about his family.

As of now, there is nothing known about his family.

David Beriain Netflix

As a director and writer, he has worked for “Amazonas”, “el camino de la cocaina”, “El mercado de la inocencia” & “Latinos en el corredor de la muerte”.

His work is characterized as his unique ability. His work might be available on Netflix. But there is no information about it. He has interviewed Taliban commanders.

David Beriain Instagram followers

The famous director is not available on Instagram. However, he has a Twitter account. On his Twitter, he has written that he is a director. Similarly, on his Twitter, he has around 14.8k followers.

Likewise, he has made around 2000 tweets. He is mostly active on Twitter. Furthermore, he might be on Instagram but at present, he is not available at the present.