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Dave Merheje
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Dave Merheje is a Canadian stand-up comedian. And, he is most famous for his comedy album named Good Friend Bad Grammar. The same comedy album recently won the Juno Award for Comedy Album of the Year.

Likewise, he has original content in his stand-up which is rare these days. And, he is recognized for that. Moreover, his comedic style is referred to as aggressive.

And, people love him for his in-your-face approach. Merheje is fearless when he is on stage. In the same way, he has won multiple awards as well.

Dave Merheje Net Worth

Dave Merheje is considered as one of the successful stand-up comedians we have at the present. And, through his great stand-up acts, he has gained a loyal following.

Hence, people are curious as to know his net worth. Unluckily, there is not much known about his net worth. Neither is there any information of his annual earnings.

However, we do know that his career is going great. And, he is doing a number of shows. So, that pretty much speaks how well he must be earning. Anyway, this guy is worth every single penny he earns.



The date of birth of Dave Merheje is unknown. Nevertheless, according to Windsor Star, he is 38 years old as of 2019.

And, he was born in Windsor, Ontario.

Dave Merheje Wiki

Dave Merheje was born to a Lebanese family. And, he is from Windsor, Ontario. Likewise, he started his comedy journey by performing in the Windsor-Detroit area.

Until now, he has performed at Just For Laughs and the Halifax Comedy Festival as well. In the same way, he has performed at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival too.

In addition, he won the Just For Laugh’s 2011 Homegrown Comic CompetitionSimilarly, he had his own stand-up special on The Comedy Network as well.

Dave Merheje has gained wide popularity ever since he became a part of Comedians of the World. It is a Netflix stand-up series.

A total of 47 comedians from diverse 13 regions share what is funny around the globe in the show. And, Dave is one of such comedians.

Dave Merheje Birthday

No one is aware of when Dave Merheje’s birthday is. His exact date of birth is not something everyone knows of.

Nevertheless, according to Windsor Star‘s information, he must have been born around the year 1981. But, still, nobody knows that for certain.

However, all we can do is hope that Merheje himself reveals his date of birth.

Dave Merheje Parents (Comedian)

Dave Merheje’s both parents are Lebanese immigrants. And, they currently live in Windsor, Ontario.

In the same way, Merheje talks about his parents in his stand-up acts a lot. And, he talks about how he was raised as well.

However, his parents’ names are not out in the open yet. But, his family is supportive of his career in the comedy. And, they always go to his shows.


Dave Merheje was born into a Lebanese family. And, he is a proud Lebanese-Canadian.

By now, the viewers of the Comedians of the World must have known the fact. Because Merheje talks about his family in his stand-up acts quite a lot.

Dave Merheje Height

Unluckily, there is no information on his height. But, it is pretty easy to see that he is tall.

In fact, you can see it for yourself in his pictures and shows.