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Daryn Carp Age, Wiki (Andy Cohen Assistant) Married, Salary, Net Worth - Bravo
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Daryn Carp is famously known for being Andy Cohen’s assistant. Andy is a radio and a television show host From America. Daryn has been working with Andy for a long time.

Currently, she works in a production company called, Most Talkative. She, together with Andy founded this company in 2014. In addition to this, she is also working as a host for a program on BRAVO TV.

Carp is 31 years old

Daryn Carp was born on May 21, 1988, in the United States. At 31 years of age, she has achieved any things all of us want to achieve. She started working since 2010 and obviously, has not looked back since then.

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Wiki: Daryn Carp


Daryn is a Psychology graduate from Lafayette College. She did her graduation in the year 2010.

Also, she started working in the same year. At the start, she worked for the NBC Page program at NBC Universal Studios, New York City. She worked there for a year.

Later in 2011, she joined the staff of Andy Cohen. This opportunity came as a great thing in the early days of her career. She worked as Andy’s assistant for a few years. However, at present, she is not only the assistant but also a right had of famous Andy Cohen.

She used to work for Andy from the BRAVO TV and is still working there. They together launched a program called @sk Andy on In this web program, fans could ask anything to Andy. Thus, the fans could know about Andy closely. In addition to this, she is also hosting The Real Housewives on Bravo TV.

In the year 2014, Andy and Daryn left BRAVO to open their own production company, Most Talkative. She is the Chief of Staff there. Besides this, Daryn has also interviewed many famous people. She has been able to meet Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton. Working with Andy has given her so many opportunities in life.

In addition to this, she also owns her own podcast called “Martini and Murders”. She talks about crimes in this podcast.

So, at present, she is very busy with being Andy Cohen’s assistant, a host for BRAVO TV show, The Real Housewives and hosting her own podcast and many more.

If you search her on social media, you can find her on Instagram as @carpedaryn. Also, she is on twitter as @Carpedaryn.

Is Daryn Carp Married?

At present, we do not know if Daryn is married or not. But she is in a relationship.

She is currently in a relationship with her lesbian partner Carson Christine. She posts her pictures with her partner on her personal Instagram.

Her Salary and Net worth

Daryn Carp has not disclosed anything regarding her net worth and salary. But, after almost ten years in this field, she must have earned a good life for herself. She has been working in podcasts, interviews, talk shows and also in the background.

So we can predict her net worth must be in Millions.

Daryn Carp and BRAVO

Her involvement with BRAVO TV started from the early days of her career. Even when she left BRAVO with Andy, her job at BRAVO did not end.

At present, she is seen in conversation with the housewives from The Real Housewives.