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The beautiful Daria werbowy is a professional model. She was born on November 19, 1983 at Krakow, Poland. But her nationality is Ukrainian and Canadian. She grew up with her brother, Orest and her sister Oksana. She went to St. Sofia Ukrainian Catholic Elementary School and studied visual arts from Cawthra Park Secondary school. In hey younger years, she had never thought of modeling as her career. She was lanky, willowy and had braces. But her destiny had other plans for her.


At the age of just fourteen, she signed her first modeling contract with Toronto modeling agency Susan J. Model and Talent Management. That’s how she got started in the industry. She has the built and the look that makes the perfect cut to become a model. She actually stands tall at five feet and eleven inches. She’s got an impressive height. She looks absolutely million dollars in her pictures. The woman is extremely photogenic. She’s got the modeling genes in her. Her fabulous figure with her envious beautiful long legs makes her favorite among big designers. She looks amazing in her photo shoots, especially in her bikini shots. She has walked runways for top names in the industry Prada, Yves Saint Lauren, Pepe Jeans, Roberto Cavalli, Gucci, Valentino and the list never ends. She has worked with almost every big player in the game. She has appeared in several magazine covers. In 2010, Forbes listed her sixth highest earning models in the fashion industry.


Daria is a unique fashion chameleon in the world of Fashion. She has become tabloids favorite. She is aware of the fact that cameras await her everywhere. So, she is prepared for all occasions. She makes conscious efforts to look good all the time. Her hair and makeup are always in right places. Since, the modeling industry is so competitive, one day you’re on the top and the other day you’re gone, so models have the immense amount of responsibility on them. They can’t overlook their diet and workouts. They’ve got to be in perfect shape all the time. And Daria is a fabulous example to that. She is amazingly successful. She’s making money like anything. However, she has not found the love of her life yet. She has not married anyone and does not bear any husband. But hopefully, she’ll find one in the future ahead. But for now, she is enjoying her work to the fullest. She’s hot, she’s beautiful and she’s the top fashion model, it’s obvious that guys have their eyes laid on her. But she’s choosing to remain silent on her relationship status for now. So, it’s obvious that she has never undergone the terrible trauma of divorce with any person.


She is just thirty years of age. And she has accomplished great heights in her work span. Her brief achievement on the career front is given in the Wikipedia. Her fans can know more about her there. She has the estimated net worth of $ 10 million dollars. She is demanding high pay for her work. And her employers are more happy to invest in her. To add some interesting insights about her life, Daria was however, not always interested in modeling. She was a tom boy when she was in her early years. People around her always saw that x-factor in her but she never did. She was always into skateboarding and all. She also enjoys sailing a lot. And back in 2008, she spent like three months sailing across the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.