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Darcey Mary Draper, William Garraway Draper Wiki, Age, Birthday Facts
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Darcey Mary Draper, William Garraway Draper Wiki, Age, Birthday Facts. Darcey Mary Draper, William Garraway Draper Parents, Family, Siblings, School Facts:

Good Morning Britain isn’t a new name for most of us. If so, the same would be the case with this talented TV personality, Kate Garraway. The lady has been the face of the popular TV show for a long time now. You might know how good she is at cracking jokes on the show.

But things got really interesting when she discussed her baby girl, Darcey Mary Draper on the show on February 20, 2018. In case you don’t know, Darcey Draper is Kate’s first child with husband William Garraway Draper. The viewers of Good Morning Britain were really carried away when she joked about Kate’s cooking prowess.

Since then, Darcey has been on the minds of the Good Morning Britain viewers. After all, many of us know about Kate, but her family life is what had many of us wondering about, isn’t it?

In case you are wondering how old Darcey is, her birthday facts. Find in detail about Kate’s baby girl, Darcey and also about her husband, Derek Draper in here.

Let’s cut to the chase.

Darcey Mary Draper Age, Birthday Wiki, Bio Facts

While Kate Garraway joked about Dracey’s passion for cooking on Good Morning Britain, she was in her teens. In fact, according to, she was 11 years old back then, in February 2018.

According to Kate’s official Wikipedia page, she welcomed her first child, daughter Darcey Mary Draper on March 10, 2006. So, she is 13 years of age at present.

Age has always been one of the most talked issues about Draper’s family. According to Kate, her daughter is worried about Kate’s age compared to the age of her friend’s mother.

Back in March 2017, Kate opened up how being an older mum has affected her daughter, Darcey. Speaking with Lorraine Kelly on Good Morning Britain, Kate revealed that her daughter is worried about her being older than her other friend’s mothers.

Born on May 4, 1967, Kate Garraway is currently 52 years old. The TV journalist was 38 years old when she gave birth to her daughter, Darcey.

William Garraway Draper Age, Birthday, Wiki, Bio


William Garraway Draper is Kate’s only son to date. She shares William with her husband Derek Draper.

Unlike Darcey, the details about William Draper’s age and birthday facts are not public.

Kate is very close to both of her children, William and Darcey. She often flaunts her family pictures on her Instagram page with 429k followers.

Kate Garraway and Derek Draper, Marriage, Kids

Kate Garraway and her politician husband Derek Draper are now together for nearly 15 years. The couple walked down the aisle in September 2005. Their wedding took place in Camden, London.

Draper is a former political aide to former Labour cabinet Peter Mandelson. He was also at the center of the popular scandal, Lobbygate.

Kate was pregnant with their first child, Darcey prior to their marriage in September 2005. In fact, she was already three months pregnant by September 2005. They welcomed their daughter, Darcey after six months of their wedding, in March 2006.

The couple has two children together, son William and daughter Darcey.

Prior to her marriage with Draper, Kate was married to Ian Rumsey, the former boss of ITV Meridian. Married in 1998, Kate and Rumsey finalized their divorce after four years of marriage, in April 2002.