Daphne Vega | Biography

Known as Daphne Vega to the world, she is a renowned dancer from America who has collected some credits as an actress and a singer too. Best known for playing the role of Mini Marquez in Rent and Lucy in Jack Goes Boating, Daphne has released several singles and few albums. It has been over 35 years that Daphne has spent in the American entertainment industry and these years have collected her handful of experiences of working as an actress, singer and dancer. Widely received as Daphne Vega, she was born as Daphne Rubin-Vega on 18th November, 1969 in Panama City.

Daphne was born to a couple, Jose Mercedes Vega and Daphine Corina, who lived in Panama City at the time she was born. Her father worked as a carpenter while her mother was a nurse who died when Daphne was of 10 years old. She had a stepfather named Leonard Rubin who was a writer. Born in Panama, Daphne along with her family shifted to the United States when she was of 2 years old. Daphne’s dating history is not known but it is revealed that she is married to Tommy Costanzo since 2002. It is also reported that the couple shares a child but it is not known whether the baby is a girl or a boy. There isn’t much news on media about Daphne’s married life. So we can make assumption that they are living happily together.

Panamanian born American actress Daphne’s educational background is not known. However, we came to know that she received theatre knowledge from New Labyrinth Theatre Company and from William Esper. In her earlier days as an actress, she performed for the group called El Barrio USA. During this time, she auditioned for a role in musical which was written by Jonathan Larson. The musical that we are talking about is Rent in which she performed the role of Mimi Marquez. Mimi Marquez was a controversial character of the play as she was a 19 year old girl who earned her living by dancing at club and was a drug addict and an HIV patient. She was critically acclaimed for playing the role and was awarded with a Theatre World Award in 1996 for being the best musical actress. The musical Rent was later adopted into a movie but Daphne but Daphne could not join the cast as she was pregnant at the time. Eventually, actress Rosario Dawson portrayed the character Mimi in film adaptation of Rent. Besides Rent, Daphne has made notable performance in other Broadway productions too, some of which are The Rocky Horror Show, The House of Bernarda Alba, Les Miserables, etc. In early 2007, Daphne debuted as an off-Broadway actress by playing the role of Lucy in Jack Goes Boating. She later appeared in the film adaptation too. Blood From A Stone, Love, Loss, and What I Wore, etc are some other off-Broadway productions while Sex and the City: The Movie and Union Square are some movies that Daphne has performed in. After a long break from Broadway, she made her comeback in 2012 by playing a role in A Streetcar Named Desire. During late 80s, Daphne launched her musical career. She sang for Pajama Party, a Latin freestyle group. Up All Night, Can’t Live Without It, etc are some hit singles by the group. She later separated from the group to focus on her solo career. She has released various singles like When You Love Someone, Change, I Found It, Souvenirs, Rocket Man, etc are some of the popular singles by Daphne as a solo artist. Multitalented Daphne has earned huge success in every field she has stepped in. However, her net worth has not been revealed to the public.

Daphne is undoubtedly a talented woman who has made notable contribution as an actress, dancer and singer too. Her multifaceted career has earned her a huge fame and worldwide recognition and made her role model in many people’s life.