Dante Deiana Net Worth, Age, Wiki (Cheryl Scott Fiance & Partner) Job, Bio

Dante Deiana Net Worth, Age, Wiki (Cheryl Scott Fiance & Partner) Job, Bio

Born on January 29, 1985, Cheryl Scott is a native of Chicago, Illinois. The beautiful lady is a meteorologist by profession. She works as a journalist and meteorologist in ABC7 Eyewitness News of Chicago. Cheryl also hosts a show in NBC’s WMAQ-TV as a weather person.

Furthermore, she revealed about her engagement with fiancé, Dante Deiana in 2018. Since then, you must be wondering who Dante is?

So, here we have gathered some details about him. Take a look.

Dante Deiana Net Worth

Massachusetts native, Dante net worth is still under review. He is a DJ and entrepreneur. Thus, we can assume that he earns a decent amount of net worth.

Dante Deiana Age

Sorry to say but Dante Deiana’s birthdate isn’t available on the internet. So, it’s difficult to track Dante’s age.

Dante Deiana Wiki (Cheryl Scott Fiancée)

Dante is a native of Massachusetts. He isn’t so popular for his own career. But, he got the limelight as Cheryl Scott fiancée or partner.

That’s why there isn’t a wiki page written about Dante Deiana.

Nonetheless, via some sources, we were able to gather some details about him. Cheryl Scott’s partner was a DJ before. He loved mixing music and making new combinations. In his DJing career, he also became famous as Dante the Don.

Dante started a career as a DJ at an early age of 16. At that time, he was in high school. Firstly, he showed his DJing talent in his school. Then, he also got chances to perform in various schools in Worcester.

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Commercially, Dante signed for his first show in Chicago. He performed for the Pumping Company. After his debut, he got chances to work for small DJ Companies. But also faced many rejections alongside.

Later, Dante chose to be an entrepreneur. Cheryl Scott’s fiancée started to launch major brands’ products. That’s how his business career began. Dante also hosted parties and events. He hosted New Year’s Eve Parties for 5 years consecutively. They were the city’s most famous events.

Dante proposed Cheryl in 2018. Fans named his proposal as Sky-High Proposal.


In fact, Cheryl Scott’s fiancée proposed him at a height of 10,000 foot in Haleakala volcano. The couple started dating in 2016. And, they got engaged on July 15, 2018.

In addition, Dante and Cheryl will soon marry each other. However, they didn’t declare when they will marry.

Dante Deiana’s Job

Currently, Dante isn’t a DJ. Dante’s job is conducting large scale parties and events as of 2019. He is also the partner of Outfit Events. The other two partners with whom he started Outfit Events is Bob O’Connell and Joey Vitale.

The marketing company launches products for popular brands. Also, Dante’s group hosts weekly parties and big events.

Dante Dieana’s Bio

Cheryl Scott Bae’s bio details are under review. Dante’s birthdate and family details aren’t available. We only know that he was born in Massachusetts.

As per sources, Dante got a diploma from St. John’s High School. And, he graduated from Loyola University, Chicago.