Dante Crichlow Age, How Tall Is Dante Crichlow? Parents and Girlfriend Details

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Dante Crichlow is a fast-rising acting talent in Hollywood. One of the leading young actors, he’s expected to rule Hollywood in the coming years.

The Netflix ‘See You Yesterday’ breakout, it seems like Dane is starting to get the recognition for the nuances of his talents.

In addition to being a great actor, he’s a commercial photographer, specializing in landscapes, portraits & street beauty.

This American breakout reportedly debuted in front of the camera with the abovementioned movie. Dante was catapulted into superstardom when ‘See You Yesterday’ became hit when it streamed on Netflix in 2019.

Also making headlines for being equally gorgeous, he is shaking up the industry is expected to appear in acting roles soon.

Dante Crichlow Age – 20 Years Old

Born in 1999, Dante Crichlow ages 20 in this age. Celebrating his birthday each year on February 15, he is a young rising star in accordance with his acting potential and already-thriving career.

Dante of African-American descent is a grown male with undeniable allure and boyish charm. His chocolaty boy appeal and intense gaze couple with a flirtatious beam made him a teenage heartthrob.

How tall is Dante Crichlow? His Height

At 20-year-old, Dante Crichlow is quite short in appearance with a height of 5 feet 3 inches (1.6m). But, how does he look taller in camera?

It is because of the insole heels, clever angles and perspective on screen may have helped him appear a few inches taller.

Nonetheless, this emerging Hollywood hasn’t let being short or his petite stature stops him from having huge careers. He is still as hot and sexy than the male celebrities who tower above the rest.

On the bright side, he’s a cool guy with leading man looks and charm as can do both drama and comedy. Both women and dudes love him as he has an appeal all around.

Dante Crichlow Family and Parents

Coming from the close-knit family, Dante Crichlow is a beautiful blend of African-American parents. While most of his early life details are hidden, the youngster uploaded a snap of his mother on Instagram last year on Mother’s Day.

The 20-year-old Dante is pretty private personality, who is living a private life under the public eye.

While receiving formal education seldom held his interest, he has always been drawn towards performing arts.

Because of which, he completed his acting training from the New York University Tisch School of Arts. Furthermore, he self-taught himself to photograph and today excel in that forte as well,

Besides Netflix movies, he has also appeared in ‘Nowhere’ the same year i.e. 2019.

Is Dante Crichlow Dating? His Girlfriend Details

Similar to other leading actors, Dante Crichlow doesn’t mind dating a taller girl as he is seeing one currently.

While the actor remains tight-lipped on his relationship status, his Instagram feeds says otherwise. His Instagram handle suggest him on being a happy, steady relationship with a beautiful lady, who goes by Ocean L.X on Instagram.

On cloud 9: Ocean frequently accompanies her man during the red carpets events or movie promotional. Dante, however, doesn’t prefer to vocalize their budding romance.

The two have been together for over 4-years in 2019.

You can follow Dante Crichlow and his girlfriend Ocean on Instagram & Facebook to stay updated with their relationship and life.