Danny Jones Penniman

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Rapper: Danny Jones Penniman Age, Picture, Instagram, Wikipedia

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Danny Jones Penniman is American rapper widely known as the son of famous Rock N Roll star, Little Richard. He was adopted by the 80s famous star who is supposed to be rapper but his work is not publicly known for now.

Furthermore, it won’t be surprising if he rose as the start like his father though he was adopted he seems to love music the way his father did. Recently, he was struck by the saddening news of his father demise on May 9, 2020 which is hard pill to digest. want to know about him? here are the facts about him.


Name Danny Jones Penniman
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Rapper
Parents Little Richard and Ernestine Harvin


10 Facts Danny Jones Penniman:

  1. Danny Jones Penniman is widely known as the son adopted by 80s famous Rock and Roll Star Little Richard.
  2. The details about his date of birth is not known but he seems to be at the age of mid-twenties.
  3. Furthermore, Little Richard kept him away from the public due to which his information’s are not available even his latest picture is hard to find.
  4. Adding to that, he is also unavailable in social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.
  5. Despite being the star kid, he does not have a Wikipedia profile currently.
  6. Talking about his physical features, he stands decent height with maintained body weight. But, actual numbers about his measurements are not available.
  7. Moving on to his personal life, he is supposed to be single for the moment which is unclear and not verified.
  8. He is also into the musical profession following his father steps but his work is not available currently.
  9. Talking about his net worth, he is about to make his mark in the career but the fame and fortune earned by his father is enough for his luxurious life.
  10. With sad regrets we are informing his father died at the age of 87 on May 9, 2020.