Who Is Danielle Denise Dauphinais?

Danielle Denise Dauphinais is the woman who has been arrested following her son's missing report. She along with her boyfriend were arrested after The New Hemisphere DIvision for Children reported that the child has not been seen for six months. 

The Child Protective Services complained to the police about the kid's missing on October 14. The mother and her boyfriend were arrested on October 16 near Westchester Avenue and Bruckner Avenue at approximately 7.15 am. as shared by Daily Mail. 

The couple also allegedly instructed others to lie about his whereabouts after knowing that the child protective services were looking for the boy. 

The police allege that they violated a duty of care, protection, or support for the five-year-old in their arrest warrant. They also conducted a search in her home where they took several items and the investigators can be seen digging in the backyard near a shed. 

Elijah Lewis Mother and Father Name Revealed

Elijah Lewis Mother and Father's name has been revealed as Danielle Denise Dauphinais and Joseph Stapf. Police have yet to reveal why the couple did not report about their missing child for six months. 

Now the body has been found near the park that probably fits the description of a child, the missing case would probably take a new turn and there would be more questions that need to be answered by the accused. 

According to a family member, the kid's mother shared that the child would be living with a family member in California and since then she has not heard from her, writes CBS Boston.

However, police investigation suggests that Lewis was in the house with them till last month (around 30 days ago). 

Find Out Elijah Lewis Age 

Elijah Lewis is five years old kid who has been missing since last month. Police have discovered remains of the body that is believed to be his. 

They are yet to confirm through autopsy results but the description of the remains is that of a kid which makes them believe the body is Elijah's.