Daniel Sunjata

Daniel Sunjata Condon famed as Daniel Sunjata is America nationality holder actor who is well known for his roles in TV movies and dramas. He in addition to this portrays the roles in films, television and theatre dramas.  He is best known for his character as Franco Rivera in Rescue Me of FX channel. Presently he is acting as Paul Briggs in Graceland of USA Network. He was born in the year 1971 in Illinois to unidentified parents who left him in orphanage. Later he was adopted by Police Dispatcher father and Civil rights worker mother. He belongs to African, Irish and German ethnicity. He after being adopted by his so called parents he went to Mount Carmel High School. He was in the team of Football where he played linebacker in two championships. He showed his brilliance in both academic and sports field while being in the high school. Later he attended Florida A&M University to complete his undergraduate degree. He later attended New York University to complete his master degree in fine arts. He is one of the actors who has studied to this extend to be in Hollywood. He sharpened his acting career as well as got experience in acting in university.

Exploring his career and growth, he was given the chance to act as Sailor in one of the episode of Sex and The City. The Sex and The City episode had highlighted 9/11 scenarios in that particular episode. After that he acted in the movie Brother to Brother as Langston Hughes as well as in The Devil Wears Prada as Fashion designer James Holt. Both of his roles were liked by viewers which was positive sign and motivation for his acting career. He also acted in TV series Rescue Me as Firefighter Franco Rivera. In the year 2007 he acted as Reggie Jackson in the ESPN series The Bronx is burning. In 2012 he got chance to act in movie The Dark Knight Rises as Superior Militaries Operative. He acted as Gay player who plays in Major League Baseball and he decides to come out public in Broadway theatre play Take Me Out. His outstanding character portrayal and acting gave him Theatre World Award. He also was in the nomination list of Tony Award and Drama Desk Award as the Drama won Tony Award. In 2009 he revealed he was going to be the narrator of the show Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup. This show discussed about the conspiracies of 9/11 attack. The show discussed on the point that the attack was planned by US government and executed by Terrorists. Daniel also stated he believed this theory fully. His views inspired the creators of the show who later made another show where his character of Franco Rivera gives his views on the controversy of firehouse. This crime drama was viewed by many people and was the center of gossip for many days. Till date he has been able to earn the net worth of 2 million dollar from his entire career.

Let us know about his private life, although he is famed and popular his personal details are hard to find in search engines. This means he tends to hide his personal details from media and public. So we cannot find the details like married, and wife. But we can say he might be in relationship with his girlfriend. But we are eager to know about his personal details very soon.

This handsome hunk stands with the height of 6 feet 1 inch and has many female followings. He is named as one of the most beautiful people by People Magazine in the year 2003. This personality saw many terrible days in small as he was adopted by other people. He worked hard with dedication to be in this field. He has achieved what he dreamt of and is enjoying all the facilities which he deserves. His shirtless pictures are found in internet easily. As he has tone and huge physique his shirtless avatar is liked by her fans especially female fans.

To know more about this handsome hunk we can login to his personal site as well as read his biography which is found in wiki. Alike other he can be followed in social networking sites. He is mostly seen in twitter which has become the easiest way to reach out to the desired personality.