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Dane Cook is an American stand-up comedian & film actor. Dane Cook made his name on comedy circuit before entering the feature movies with a minor role in movies such as ‘Mystery Men’ and Buddy in late 90’s.

He was born on 18th of March, 1972 as Dane Jeffery Cook in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Raised in Arlington, Dane was quite shy and introverted as a child. He is the second son of late George F. Cook and Donna Jean. He has five sisters and a half-brother, Darryl.

He has Irish ancestry. For his secondary education, he went to Arlington High School. While attending high school Dane triumph over his shyness as he started performing stand-up comedy and acting. Following his graduation, Dane studied graphic designing as a backup plan if he could not make his career in comedy. However his graphic designing education has also been useful for him as he design his entire merchandise. He is Roman Catholic by religion and white by ethnicity.

Dane Cook Family and Personal Life & Current Girlfriend:

Dane Cook is reported dating girlfriend Kelsi Taylor. Previously, he dated a number of beautiful diva including Jessica Simpson. Though the relation between the couple was never confirmed, a number of celebrity magazines went into hyperdrive throughout the shooting of the film “Employee of the Month”, reporting details of couple’s on-set romance.

Dane was with Heather Ashley Chase and Nikki Giavasis a number of times and had five years long relationship with Raquel Houghton. They were in a live-in relationship for a while. He briefly dated singer Nicole Scherzinger in 2007. More recently there were rumors of him dating Julianne Hough. He has never tied knot till date. He is currently residing in Los Angeles. He is mostly noted for his deep voice, excitable stage presence and observational comedy. He has never taken drugs or smoke or drink.

Dane Cook started performing comedy as a child for his friends and family, frequently mimicking his preferred comedians such as Johnny Carson and Bill Cosby. In 1990, he began performing comedy professionally in multiple comedy clubs.

In 1994, he relocated to New York and started performing. He then shifted to Los Angeles in 1996. After struggling for years, he finally landed his breakthrough role in Comedy Central’s Premium Blend in 1998. In 2000, he appeared in Comedy Central Presents. In the year 2003, he premiered his debut comedy album titled, “Harmful If Swallowed”.

At the initial phase of his career, he launched in order to promote his creation and keep in touch with his fans. His first album became one of the most successful album since “A Wild and Crazy Guy” of Steve Martin. He opened Superfinger Entertainment to produce his videos and albums. He hosted Saturday Night Live on 3rd of December 2005 and made headlines for Dave Attell’s Insomniac tour in 2006 as well as hosted Teen Choice Award with Jessica Simpson that same year.

Later that year, he grabbed the accolade for Best Comedian. He soon became the hottest commodity in the comedy world which is proved by 3 sold-out programs at Madison Square Garden. He appeared in HBO special “Vicious Circle” the following year. He as well tried his hands on acting, appearing in comedy movies, such as “8 Guys” and “Mystery Men”.

In 2006, he scored his first leading role as Zack Bradley in “Employee of the Month”. The following year, he appeared as Mr. Smith alongside Demi Moore and William Hurt in dark thriller “Mr. Brooks”. His other movies include “Dan in Real Life”, “My Best Friend’s Girl”, “Answer to Nothing”, “Detention”, “Guns, Girls and Gambling” and “Planes” among others.

Dane Cook Net Worth 2018:

Dane Cook net worth is staggeringly high considering how critics pan over his stand up comedy work. Through the 2012 and 2013 years, Dane Cook was estimated to be worth $23 – 28 million. Currently, that wealth has been estimated as high as $30 million.

Till dated Dane has released total five comedy albums including Retaliation, Harmful If Swallowed, Vicious Circle, Isolated Incident and Rough Around The Edges: Live From Madison Square Garden. He has released singles, such as “I’ll Never Be You”, “Forward” and “Drunk Girl/Red Car” and has appeared in a number of movies and series. He is known for his grounded personality. He has a huge fan following in his twitter and facebook page. He continuously posts his pictures in Instagram as well.