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Dancer Poppin John Age: How old is Poppin John in 2019? John has been setting the stage of ‘World of Dance’ on fire this season. Since most of his personal life has been kept under wraps, people have always wondered Poppin John’s age. How old is Poppin John exactly?

According to, Poppon John was born on August 18, 1984, which makes his age 34 as of 2019. Although in his mid-thirties now, Poppin John still enjoys dancing like he has been enjoying his whole life.

Where is Poppin John From?

Poppin John hails from his hometown Farmington, United States. Having developed an interest in the art of dancing at an early age, John grew up loving the art form of dance.

Poppin John’s Married Life with Wife Bris Austin


Dancer Poppin John is living a happily married life with his wife Bris Austin. The air has been together for a long time. They do not have children from this relationship. Both of them seem to be focusing on their respective career at the moment.

Poppin John’s Wiki Details, Bio, ‘World of Dance’

There is no Wiki page dedicated to Poppin John. Here, we have collected all the available details about his career.

After growing to love the art of dance from an early age, Poppin John was destined to spend his career in the world of dancing. His love for the art provisioned him to begin his own dance crew alongside his friends in 1999. This was the beginning of what has been a remarkable career in dance.

Currently, Poppin serves as the owner of the ‘Learn2Bust.’ Additionally, he also works as the head instructor there. However, people might know him as the member of the popular dance crews like ‘SoulBiotics Krew’ as well as ‘LXD.’

The career in dancing has taken John to perform in various parts of the United States. He has also been involved in performing on the streets of El Paso, Texas.

Poppin is also establishing himself in the world of YouTube. His channel has over 600 thousand followers at present. He often posts dancing videos. Throughout his career, he has traveled to several parts of the world. Multiple videos that he posts on his channel are in different countries. Just two months ago, he posted a video titled ‘POPPIN JOHN | NAMASTE | MUMBAI INDIA.’

More recently, John has amassed further fame due to his appearance on the show ‘World of Dance.’ In the show’s recent season (third), John has been one of the most popular contestants. Judges of the show have been impressed with his performances so far and fans have speculated that he will go further in the competition.

In the show ‘World of Dance’, he has already made it through the Qualifier round. In addition, he was also able to win the Duel round after that. Winner of the show takes home the $1 million grand prize and fans of John have no doubt in mind that he is capable of winning the prize.

Over the years, John has also taken part in other several reality shows including ‘America’s Got Talent’ and ‘So You Think You Can Dance.’ Although his other TV reality show appearances have not been successful, ‘World of Dance’ is a whole other story.