Dana Margolin: 10 Facts To Know About “Porridge Radio” Vocalist

Dana Margolin is a leading British guitarist and singer on Porridge radio. Porridge radio is a renowned British rock music band launched in the year 2015 in Brighton. They are gaining quiet prestige among the public around the seaside cities. 

Besides being a leading guitarist and singer, Dana Porridge is also the founder of the band. In 2015, Dana and her friends started her journey as the band Porridge Radio member and became quite famous in a concise period of time.

Name Dana Margolin
Birthday 10th November 1997
Age 23 years old
Gender Female
Nationality British
Profession Songwriter , Singer and leading guitarist
Instagram porridgeradi0
Twitter @porridgeradio
Youtube Porridge Radio

10 Facts on Dana Margolin

  1. Dana Margolin created Porridge Radio to express herself because she is very much influenced by Brighton’s sea and her seaside home. Before starting the band, dana used to attend songwriting and open micks in her bedroom.
  2. Porridge Radio has a half-decade of musical history since they started their mainstream musical life. Dana Margolin formed the indie rock band Porridge Radio back in 2015 alongside Georgie Stott(Keyboardist), Georgie Stott (Bassist), and Sam Yardley (Drummer).
  3. Dana Margolin is a songwriter-singer behind Porridge Radio’s five studio albums, including Misery Radio (2015), I’m Not Sure Anymore (2015), Hello Dog Friendly (2016), Rice, Pasta, and Other Fillers (2016), and Every Bad (2020). Also, they have singles like Oh Christmas, Give/Take, Lilac, 7 Seconds, and many other singles in their account.
  4. Born on 10th November 1997, Dana Margolin is currently 23 years old. At the very young age of 18, she started the band, and after 5 years, it is one of the popular bands in England.
  5. Dana Margolin does not own her personal Wikipedia profile, but detailed information regarding Dana Margolin’s band Porridge Radio is visible to the viewers on Wikipedia.
  6. For their performance in the album Every bad  (Secretly Canadian, March 2020), porridge radio was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize in the United Kingdom.
  7. Personally, Dana Margolin does not own any social media accounts. However, she operates through her band’s social media accounts with over 10.8K followers on Instagram under the username  porridgeradi0.
  8. Dana is quite a productive guitarist & songwriter and likes to carry a small notebook to write down fresh ideas and songs. Moreover, she adds a loose tune to it and hands it to her band members.
  9. Porridge radio leading guitarist Dana sure earns a satisfactory remuneration due to its popularity, but information of her net worth is yet to be released.
  10. For more information regarding the band Porridge Radio, interested viewers can go through their website porridgeradio.com