Dan Horton Net Worth, Age, Wiki (Lady Gaga New Boyfriend) Sound Engineer

Dan Horton Net Worth, Age, Wiki (Lady Gaga New Boyfriend) Sound Engineer

Dan Horton is out of the screen personality for lots of music celebrities. He has a prestigious career as a Sund Engineer to many world-class singers.

However, he is recently in the spotlight like never before. Some of the Paparazzi spotted him with a renowned music star Lady Gaga.

The togetherness was not like a friendship. Rather, it was a romantic one with kisses involved. Surprisingly, they seem to be dating each other. Here’s all you need to know about Dan Horton, wh he is, his bio, wiki, age and net worth.

Dan Horton Wiki

Dan Horton doesn’t have his Wikipedia page. Besides, a lot of information about his personal life and career is also not available right now.

Dan Horton was born in 1982. He is 37 years old as of now but information about his birthplace is not available. Neither is his parents, family, and childhood.

Dan has spent most of his career in the entertainment industry. Followers believe he was passionate about designing and editing since his childhood. Likewise, he also has skills in engineering and editing videos and audios.

He has worked with a lot of famous celebrities and music stars over the past. For instance, he was a sound engineer to Camila Cabello who is a VIP star at present. Likewise, the list goes on with Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, and Jay-Z. The name is a list of arguably the best musicians in the 21st century.

In the meantime, it’s not about his past clients. It is about the icon of the movie “A Star Is Born”. Exactly, American Pop-singer, Actress and Songwriter Lady Gaga. As per reports, they are working together and well, are together.

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Dan Horton and Lady Gaga

On Sunday, July 28, 2019, An Oscar-winner was dinning with her recent Audi Engineer Dan Horton in Granville restaurant, California. They dined for an hour. Apparently, they kissed many times while dining and someone clicked photos at that very moment. Although they are not out in public as a couple, people suspect it’s just another secret every celebrity keeps about their personal life.

Dan Horton Net Worth, Age, Wiki (Lady Gaga New Boyfriend) Sound Engineer

Dan has his own company “Audio Engineering Consulting Group” founded back in 2000. The company has Mixing, Production, Engineering and Mastering services.

Likewise, before their recent affairs, Dan was the husband of actress Autumn Guzzardi. Autumn is an actress from the off-Broadway musical “Rock of Ages”. They married in 2013 and split up in 2018.

Nonetheless, Lady Gaga and Dan Horton met each other and started working together since 2018.

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What is his age?

Dan Horton is 37 years old successful audio Engineer. Likewise, he has a lot of experiences with superstars as clients. Seems like the experience is still growing.

Dan 37, and Gaga 33 look like a couple made for each other. In fact, pictures of them locking each other’s lips say the same story.

Dan Horton Net Worth: Lady Gaga Worth $300 Million in 2019

Dan is in the spotlight recently but his involvement in the music industry goes past decade. He has worked for the millionaire music stars whom we already listed before.

Dan Horton’s net worth as per 2019, is under review. Although, the value will not be short of millions due to his active engagement over the years.