Dan Hanzus NFL, Age, Height, Wiki, Wife, Net Worth, Family

Dan Hanzus Age – 41 Years Old. Dan Hanzus is currently 41 and he is a renowned host and presenter at National Football League (NFL).

He has been recognized as a host because of his remarkable speaking and presenting skills.

Dan Hanzus Height, 5’9”, Weight

Dan Hanzus height is 5 feet 9 inches and is of average height.

He has black hair and muscular body structure. He has a sharp jawline and has a fair complexion. He is confident and full of fun when he appears in NBL shows.

Dan Hanzus Wiki – From New York

Dan Hanzus was born in 1978 on Pearl River in New York. He is a very secretive person and has kept all the private information away from the public.

He is a graduate, though the High School and Universities name are not mentioned. He is now a successful writer and passionately does coverage for National Football League. He has done many podcasts as well.

He interestingly does commentaries on the show due to which he has been able to grasp a huge number of followers. He has been a face of NFL.com for a long time now and has enough experience in presenting and hosting.

He has also hosted an NBL Award shows.

Dan Hanzus Wife – Lisa

Dan Hanzus is married to a girl named Lisa. However, details about her are not mentioned. They seem to be in a relationship for a long time.

The only information about his wife we can get is from his twitter account. In 2014 June, he posted a picture of him with his wife.

From his Instagram account, it seems that he has two children in total.

Dan Hanzus Net Worth – Is he Worth Above $1 Million Dollars?

Dan Hanzus is an NFL.com columnist and a writer as well. His net worth is missing and has not been mentioned anywhere but rumored over $1 million.

Though he might earn a reasonable amount from his work on NBL. He is also seen hosting in different events. He travels lots of places because of his work.

Dan Hanzus Family

Dan Hanzus likes keeping his private life away from the public. There is no piece of information on his family background, siblings and so on.

Currently, he lives in Los Angeles, New York with his family.

Dan Hanzus Twitter Account and other Social Account – 66.4K Followers

Dan Hanzus is a producer and writer as well but he is widely known for his hosting in NBL Show.

He has a huge fan following on his Twitter account through which he keeps updated about his events and actions to followers. He is more active in the Twitter account than in other social accounts.

Every little details and news are posted by him in his Twitter account. Though he has around 9 thousand followers in the Instagram account and has posted many pictures and videos, he prefers Twitter account for daily use.

On his Instagram account, we can see him posting visiting various places. And often we can see him filming his small son’s video speaking and singing.

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