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Damian Hurley Gay (Liz Hurley Son) Age, Height, Net Worth, Family, Father
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Is Liz Hurley’s Son – Damian Hurley Gay?  Liz Hurley’s son recently debuted in a stunning video for Pat McGrath. Damian Hurley looks like his mother in the photos. He announced his beauty campaign on Wednesday.

After seeing his stunning photos with long hair people are thinking if he is gay. However, Liz Hurley’s son never announced his sexuality. Probably, he is a straight guy. And, the rumors will fade away in a few weeks.

Following his mother’s footsteps, he is also pursuing modeling as his career. He made a great impact as a model. Additionally, Liz and her son are working for the same modeling agency currently. They are signed with TESS Management, a modeling agency in London.

Furthermore, Damian is very close to his mother. They often share their pictures on Instagram. Besides, he is also an actor by profession.

In 2016, he appeared as Prince Hansel von Liechtenstein in the series The Royals. His mother appeared as England’s Queen in the series. Currently, he is focusing on his modeling career. And, he is probably single for now.

Damian Hurley Age (17 years)

Born on April 4, 2002, Damian Hurley is currently 17 years of age. He was born in London, England. Additionally, his birth sign is Aries.

Damian Hurley Height (6 feet and 1 inch)


The English model, Damian stands tall with a height of 6 feet and 1 inch as of now. In meters, his height is 1.85m. He is currently 17 years old so, his height may increase in the upcoming days.

Furthermore, his weight is 70 kg (154 lbs.). He has blue-colored eyes and long hair. He resembles his gorgeous mother in looks. His cheekbones, hair and a perfect pout are more like Liz Hurley.

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Net worth

Sorry to say, Damian Hurley’s net worth details aren’t available in the media outlets. However, he must have a decent amount of net worth. He has a successful career as a model and an actor.

Additionally, his mum, Elizabeth Hurley also earns a huge amount of net worth. She has a net worth of $35 million. They must be enjoying a luxurious life with this amount of net worth. The credit for her net worth goes to her booming career. She is a successful model, actor, and a businesswoman.

Damian Hurley Family, Father

Damian Hurley was born to Elizabeth Hurley (mother) and Steve Bing (father). His father is also a business tycoon. After his birth, Steve denied paternity. Later, with the help of a DNA test, it was confirmed that Bing is his biological father. For this, his father also agreed to pay $1.8 million. However, Liz didn’t accept the payout.

Damian grew up with his mother’s then spouse, Arun Nayak. He is also a business tycoon. His grandfather’s name is Peter Bing. Recently, he won a legal battle against his grandfather. Peter Bing wanted to keep him out of his fortune or let’s say inheritance. However, Damien won the legal battle over the inheritance.