Curvyllama Twitch

Additionally to Twitch, Curvyllama has also been renowned to frequently post her gameplay videos to her YouTube channel, which has 15.7K subscribers.

She started joining major league gaming occasions in 2007 to help her brother, Karm, a famous gamer.

The Twitch Star has host Twitch stream along with YouTuber Max Gonzalez, whom she has been dating.

Her Instagram & Twitter

The Twitch Star is accessible on her Instagram account under the name @curvyllama.

She has 44.1K followers and has not been verified yet.

Coming to her Twitter account, she holds an account under the name @Curvyllama having about 57.3K followers in her Twitter account.

She has more followers on her Twitter account than on the Instagram platform.

What is Her Real Name?

Curvyllama's real name is Amanda Defrance.

Curvyllama is the name she uses in her twitch account and gaming account.

Curvyllama Age

18, 1988.

The Twitch star will turn 33 years of age this upcoming November. Curvyllama was born and raised in the United States, so she holds an American nationality.

As per astrology, her zodiac sign is Scorpio.