Find Crystal Hayslett Wikipedia

Crystal Hayslett being a globally recognized talent, hasn't received her official Wikipedia profile.

Her popularity skyrocketed after she was starring in the Genre Comedy Tv series Sistas. In addition, she has been portraying the role of Fatima in the series since 2019.

Crystal Hayslett Age & Zodiac Sign

The celebrity Crystal Hayslett's age hasn't been disclosed to this date.

Since Crystal Hayslett's age and birth date are missing, the zodiac sign she owns is unknown.

Crystal Hayslett Husband & Family

As per our source, Crystal Hayslett is currently single and does not have a husband.

Also, the details of her previous relationships are kept private from the media.

In addition, the names and whereabouts of her parents aren't available either in any public domain.

What Is Crystal's Net Worth?

Crystal lives a lavish life and has an immense net worth which she has accumulated throughout her career. 

Nevertheless, we do know her base salary as a renowned costume designer is $65k per year.

Similarly, she has been lately involved in the film industry as an actress and producer.

Crystal Hayslett Instagram

She has a huge fan group in her Social media accounts, including her Instagram.

There are over 231k followers at present, and she has followed around 962 people.

Usually, she is seen promoting her movies and any upcoming events through her Insta posts.